Insert Sassy Title Here





20120918-224432.jpgWith such a sassy outfit, I should have a sassy title for this blog post, right? Well, maybe I’m just tired, but I can’t think of anything that doesn’t have “meow” in the title. We all know I’m a cat lover, but that is too cheesy even for me.

So how about instead we skip the title, and just talk about how glad I am that I finally have a leopard (or cheetah…I’m not a zoologist) cardigan in my closet? I don’t know how survived so long without one.

Or we could talk about how much I love mint green and how I fully plan on wearing it forever, even if just in accessories.

See, so much to talk about! You’ve totally forgotten about the fact that I don’t have a catchy title, right? Good. That’s just purrfect. <–Had to do it.

13 thoughts on “Insert Sassy Title Here

  1. I LOVE how the leopard (cheetah…?) print looks with the mint green belt! I always forget how great animal prints can look when done right!
    I’m so glad to have found your blog – I’m a new follower! I can’t wait to read more!!

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