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Hey there! Welcome to Sarah’s Real Life. Here’s something shocking: my name is Sarah and this blog chronicles things I wear and do in my real life. What is my real life? At the moment, it’s finishing law school and doing fun things around Indianapolis (I live there).

Why am I here?

Mainly…because I really like clothes. Always have! So it’s fun to share what I wear with people (like you, hopefully) who can appreciate my effort to dress with style and creativity in my everyday life. Not only do I like to be well-dressed myself, I like other people to be well-dressed, too. I have to look at you, after all 😉 I like to think I have some good ideas that will inspire others!

I’m also here to be totally honest. “What are you talking about, Sarah?” Glad you asked. Sometimes I feel like certain style blogs (many of which I still read every day) are turning into digital magazines that portray this idealized fashion blogger life. Like, what’s the deal with wearing 10 bracelets at once? That would drive me insane. It would drive everyone around me insane too. And how often do you really have the occasion to wear a shorts suit? You get the idea. Fun to look at, but not all that realistic for most of us. Well folks, I can promise you that every single outfit posted on Sarah’s Real Life is something I indeed wore in my real life. That means sometimes I’m wearing flats even though heels would look better. Sometimes my hair is in a ponytail because I just didn’t have time for anything else. Sometimes, because I’m a blogger, I get to go to special events that really aren’t as glamorous as you might imagine, and I will tell you the truth about them!

What’s in it for you?

  • You get to laugh at my fabulous wit and sarcasm.
  • You get ideas on what to wear and how to remix your wardrobe.
  • You get links to buy cute stuff that’s almost always under $100.
  • You get to be my virtual friend.

Sounds like a good deal, right? I hope you’ll stick around awhile and come back again soon. You can follow me on all of these platforms because social media is the new black:


And now for some legal mumbo jumbo:

People often want to know where they can purchase something I’m wearing. I try my best to link you to retailers where you can order whatever lovely top/shoes/bracelet I’m wearing in that post (or to something similar). Sometimes, depending on the retailer, I may make a small commission when you click on a link or if you order something from them. Keep in mind that I am a poor, starving student and I could use the help…but no pressure or anything. If I do make commission from your purchase (thanks!), I promise not to let the money go to my head – Unless, of course, I use my earnings to buy a hat.

I will clearly note when any products featured on my blog were given to me by the retailer/brand. I only feature products that I actually like and that fit my personal style – I do have to wear it in real life, after all (see above).

Unless otherwise noted, I own the copyright to all photos and text on this site. However, I’m happy to let others use my work under certain conditions. To understand those conditions, please see the license information below. If you have questions about a particular use, please email me.

Creative Commons License
Sarah’s Real Life is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. All uses must be attributed to the full name of my blog, “Sarah’s Real Life,” and must link to my original post(s) from which you copied the material.

55 thoughts on “About My Blog

  1. I love looking at blogs also, but I had to chuckle at your description of style bloggers. I live in Chicago and I always wonder where in the world do they wear the clothes they post. I would feel silly walking around in some of the crazy outfits and I think I am pretty stylish. Your blog is really entertaining and totally relatable to real everyday women. Keep up the funny posts.

    • Kathy you just made my day! My blog is very new so I’m still in that “I-wonder-if-anyone-actually-finds-this-interesting” phase. Glad to know someone thinks it’s relatable, because that’s exactly what I was going for. I hope you’ll keep following.

      PS – I love Chicago! I’ll be visiting your fine city in a few weeks and I’m looking forward to some outfit photos with cool backgrounds while I’m there 🙂

  2. Hey Sarah,
    you have a great about me. I’m able to get a sneak peek of your personality and great insight about your blog. You have a great vision and although your blog is new don’t stop because this is the fashion that most people forget about/ don’t even know! Like I say, “fashion is more than just a glamorous lifestyle” …


  3. I live in Indianapolis too! Thanks for finding me on Twitter! Love your take on personal style blogging. I do the exact same, even though I feel the need to push the limit most of the time. I work in the legal and health care industry here in Indy. I may get some weird looks around the hospital and office, but for the most part my outfits are well received…I think 😉

    Can’t wait to follow along! Come over and check out my blog sometime! xx, Allie


    • Woo hoo, Indy pride! I knew there had to be other Indianapolis style bloggers out there. Glad I found you. I gave your blog a quick gander (OMG shoes) but I bookmarked it for later. I look forward to following/stalking you! -Sarah

  4. Sarah, I’ve just found your blog via your comment on the ‘What I Wore’ facebook page. I love your writing style and feel like your vision makes us kindred souls. I’m writing mostly for the women I see in NZ who, as you say, are real and need practical ideas and tips. Keep up the good work and I’m following your blog now for my own inspiration xo.

    • I just love getting comments like yours! They make me feel special. It’s so cool meeting people from all over the world, too! I’m glad you found my blog and decided to follow. Thanks so much (and feel free to keep leaving me nice comments).

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  6. I just stumbled across your blog – love it! I’m a recent college grad and now a 1L, so I’m on the lookout these days for ideas on how to make my everyday post-college wardrobe cute, yet mature and professional. Great posts!

    • Thanks so much! Glad you found me 🙂 Good luck with school. Don’t let people psych you out…if you like the law, it’s really not as bad as they say. Embrace your inner nerd – that’s my best advice!

  7. Hey Sarah! I found you through IFB twitter and Im so glad I did! As soon as I looked at your home page, I knew I like your blog! I work as a teacher and I’ve been looking for a relatable styleblog for such a long time now! I love looking at “those” style blog as well but if anything, they’re the reason I’m hesitant about publishing outfit posts cos I feel like it’s never enough. I doubted myself! Ack! Thank you for what you do. I’m def following you now. 🙂

  8. Just discovered your blog from a comment you posted on Pink Peonies about Hunter boots. They’re on the top of my list this fall as I’ve been putting off buying them for some reason! I also happen to be looking for a black/gray pair 🙂 Loved reading your blog description and actually laughed out loud about your thoughts on some bloggers outfits. Happy I stumbled across your blog!

    xo jen

  9. Sarah I love your “real life” clothes. Sometimes I think Fashion bloggers wear costumes, and as much as I love everything I own, I’m not going to put it all on at once and say “CHIC!” and walk out the door. Real women have to edit and sometimes even tone down their looks until they turn 75 years old and can wear that floral corduroy over coat with lace pants and green rain boots…or unless I become an Olsen lol. Real women also don’t always get to shop at shabby apple and mod cloth for EVERYTHING they own! So thanks. I follow you on facebook and love having you delivered to my inbox.

    P.S. You posted about print mixing the other day. Today I wore a tweed houndstooth jacket, striped shirt, black ankle slacks and snakeskin printed shoes. I WISH I had pics! every thing was in black and white and I added a pink scarf and bangle. Thank you for the tips!

    P.P.S. How do you look so not covered in cat hair. sticky rollers aren’t doing it for me! I just got a cat-she’s NUTS-and her name is Princess Zoey Meowsie Von Fluffington, my daughter named her. Anyway I wear her fur to work.

  10. I totally love this description of fashion bloggers. I think the same thing…do people really wear that out? It’s cute, but I don’t think I could get away with that. And the bangles comments, hilarious! I wore them to work one day and someone was like, what’s that noise…I immediately took them off, LOL.

  11. I found your blog through your feature on Delusions of Grandeur, but decided to follow you because I’m also an Indylaw grad . . . a few years ago *cough cough*. I practiced law in Indiana for almost 15 years, then the hub (we met in law school. Awwwwwwww.) and our kids ditched Indiana, moved to Florida, and I became a high school science teacher instead. So I guess I’m probably a red-headed stepchild of the law school since I abandoned the profession. But I love teaching, so I’m happy.

  12. Good luck! It’s so true about fashion bloggers! And… I have a BA in law, two kittens, and a fashion blog…. Well, what do you think? 🙂

  13. Hi Sarah,

    I really like your blog, it is enjoyable and easy to read. I love that you make flats look so fasionable as I am 5’9, love my heels, bu find it unrealistic to wear on a daily basis. I just started a blog on law school fashion and as you mentioned that your blog is new as well, I wanted to know how you have so much followers so quickly. Any advice?


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  15. Kudos to you! You really post an outfit for like “real life outfit” and not some weird stuffs like fashion bloggers do. I do even dress normally at this point of time, but i do love style bloggers a lot and like to be one of them someday (or never) haha! 😀

  16. I like your style! And the fact you wear boots and socks! I’m a Minnesota girl and bare legged looks and sky high heels just don’t jive with livin here! Going to try the remix idea! Great idea!

  17. Hi Sarah – I came across to your blog from your comment on Kendi’s Chambray and Floral post. I always love to find new (to me) bloggers who are walking the same path; posting what they really wear, realistic outfits and rewearing items all the time. They are the bloggers I draw the most inspiration from. I’ve added you to my reader and I’d love to borrow today’s pink chunky cardigan – it looks so comfortable and warm!
    Best wishes from the UK

  18. You are so right about some of these blogs. Periodically, I browse Chictopia and I wonder where would you wear that?. You have great “real life” style.

  19. I love your description! It’s definitely something that’s been floating around in my head. I’ll always wonder when exactly in my life is there an occasion for me to wear something as out there as some of the OOTD’s I’ve seen. (Probably not in a professional setting… haha). Looking forward to your posts 🙂

  20. Hey Sarah!

    Found your blog through the Flourish page…love your concept! I too share a similar “eyeroll” attitude toward large arm parties and stiletto heels in the work place 🙂 I am a Physician Assistant student, so my wardrobe needs to be a little more conservative than your average fashion blogger. I can’t have my statement necklaces hitting patients in the face as I do their exam, or low-cut necklines drawing judgmental glances!!
    Love your style, love your blog! Can’t wait to see future posts!

    xoxo, Steph

  21. I am SO following your blog now. Anyone who’s openly snarky and real about fashion is aces in my book. Because yes, who would wear a shorts suit in real life? Not I, said the fly! I’m so happy you stopped by my blog and left such an authentic comment. It’s gratifying to read something beyond “Nice outfit!”, isn’t it? 😀


  22. Hi there!
    Saw your blog from The Fancy Pants Report and checked it out, it’s so cute! I ❤ your style and how you take Pins from pinterest and bring them to life! Thanks for the inspiration! =)

    Please stop by when you get the chance!

  23. It looks like Sarahs are my favourite Internet persons !
    Your take on fashion blogging is exactly what I think.
    I even have a draft of a post criticizing one specific blogger on this hipocrisy, but I am afraid of a shitstorm so I probably won’t publish it.

    I am following you now via bloglovin and am very looking forward to your new posts, once I finished digging through your archives.

    Lovely greetings from Germany
    XXX Moi

  24. Hi Sarah! Not sure if you remember me but I used to dance at Academy of Dance. I somehow stumbled across your blog and Instagram and I am in love! I’ve been looking for a new life and fashion blog and I found it 🙂 absolutely love your style and humor!

    – Naomi

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