Happy Halloween!

rosie the riveter halloween, rosie the riveter diy costume

20121030-202313.jpgHappy Halloween, friends! I dressed up and celebrated on Saturday, but I saved these photos to share with you on the official holiday.

All my U.S. readers probably recognize this costume as Rosie the Riveter, but if you’re not familiar with this WWII-era icon, you can read about her here. Let me just say, this was probably the most comfortable Halloween costume I’ve ever worn. And it’s awesome because it takes very little effort to get a great result. So if you have a last-minute Halloween party to go to tonight, or you want to dress up to greet trick-or-treaters, here’s how to make a Rosie the Riveter costume:

  • You need a chambray or other blue button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up above your elbows.
  • The bottom half is less important. I just wore jeans and brown flat boots. Anything that looks like you could wear it to work in a factory is good.
  • Obviously, you need the iconic red bandana. You can get those anywhere like Target or Wal-Mart, or in a pinch you could cut a big square out of any red fabric (like an old t-shirt). Pin most of your hair against your head so it’s covered, and just leave a little pouf of bangs sticking out at the front. Knot the bandana right on top of your head and then tuck the point under the knot.
  • If you have lighter hair like I do and you want to look more like the poster Rosie, just brush some brown mascara on your roots in the front. I also used the mascara to darken my eyebrows.
  • Conveniently this “factory worker” looks super glamorous in the face, so I put on a little extra makeup: mainly blush to define my cheekbones, dark eyeliner, and red lipstick. Nobody hates looking pretty.
  • As an extra touch, I made a “We Can Do It!” button just in case anyone wasn’t sure who I was supposed to be. I already had this DIY button from a former costume, but you don’t even need a real button. Any sturdy paper and a safety pin will do the trick.

Voila! And if you already have a costume, you can always bookmark this one for next year.

So what did everyone else do for Halloween?! I hope there was candy involved.

Comfy Cozy





I try not to walk out of the house looking like a box of free crayons from Applebee’s, but sometimes it just happens. I decided I’m OK with it, especially when it’s cute and cozy like this outfit.

I wore this Saturday to class and then to dinner with friends before I changed into my Halloween costume for the night (but you don’t get to see that until tomorrow).

On another note, I hope all of you on the east coast kept safe during the storm yesterday. Mother Nature is a moody bitch sometimes. If you know anyone who was in the path of Sandy, be sure to call and check on them! And if you’re feeling charitable, you can donate to the Red Cross here.

Turtleneck: Target, old

Puffer vest: Forever 21, old (similar)

Scarf: Target, old (similar)

Jeans: LOFT (similar)

Boots: Target

Watch: Anne Klein (similar)

Meow Mix





20121028-214826.jpgI’m not here to say that mixing animal prints is always a great idea. Done improperly, you could look like a hobo who just raided the dumpster behind the Broadway theater after the closing performance of Cats (that’s Coco’s favorite musical, by the way). But I’m standing by my decision today. I think the print of this sweater isn’t too busy, and the belt is subtle. Maybe you disagree, but if you do, I will hiss at you. Not really. But maybe.

Sweater: Ann Taylor

Belt: Madewell

Jeans: Express, old

Boots: Nine West (I think), old (similar)

Necklace: Target

Watch: Anne Klein

MWOPP: Baby Shower Edition

For some reason, all my friends got knocked up at the same time. I went to a baby shower yesterday, and another one the Sunday before that. As a general rule, I don’t like baby showers because I have no interest in (a) babies or (b) being in a room full of women talking about babies. But because I am such a good friend, I go to these damn parties and do my best to have a good time. Honestly, these two weren’t so bad. Shower #1 had a cool theme (and booze), and shower #2 had great food (and booze). So without further ado, an ode to my favorite pregnant people:

Katie’s Shower


Katie’s shower had a celebrity magazine theme, so the tables were decorated with baby-related magazine articles, and there was a red carpet and backdrop set up so Katie could take pictures with everyone. Then everyone got a framed copy of their photo as a little souvenir…Here’s ours:

20121026-221944.jpgLydia’s Shower


Lydia’s shower was small and also included brunch with some amazing food: fruit salad, mini cheesecakes, egg souffle, cheesy potato casserole, and mimosas. The highlight of this party was the cake decorating fail. It was supposed to say “Hooray Lydia!” but instead the grocery store bakery employee wrote “Hurry! Lydia” But really, the sentiment is still appropriate. I think Lydia more than anyone is in a hurry to get that baby out of her.

Oh yeah, and then there were baby presents and stuff. Yada yada.

Finally, let me just point out how super smokin’ hot these pregnant ladies are, and I’d like to state for the record that – even though I think babies are pointless, unproductive members of society – I am happy for my friends. I look forward to meeting the little ones…when they start high school.

Do You Prefer Fashion Victim or Ensembly-Challenged?






You guys, I can’t believe I’ve been running this blog for almost five months and I’ve never mentioned this hugely important part of my life: Clueless is my favorite movie. Of all time. I know every line, every song on the soundtrack, and every outfit.

I remember seeing it in the theater with my mom when I was 10. At the time I was too young to get half the jokes, but I still loved it. I had it on VHS (those rectangular things from the 90s that you had to rewind), had the soundtrack, then got the DVD, then got a DVD again when the 10th anniversary edition came out (there were special features).

I didn’t think there was anything else I could get until a fateful day last fall when I happened to be wandering through Forever 21 and spotted this sweatshirt. I was so excited! But wait, the story’s not over.

After I swiped my credit card, at the exact moment when the cashier handed me the yellow bag containing my newfound treasure, I kid you not…David Bowie’s “Fashion” came blasting through the store’s speakers! That’s the song that plays in the first scene of the movie!!! I swear on the grave of Brittany Murphy I am not making this up. It was a magical moment.

So when I got all my winter clothes out of storage last weekend, this sweatshirt was one of the first things I wanted to wear. As if I would wear anything else, right? I would have been totally buggin’ if I couldn’t wear it. OK, that’s enough of that. Just watch the movie.

I figure I know some other Clueless fans out there, so I’m hoping you all enjoy this as much as I do. Tell me your favorite part of the movie in the comments!

Clueless Sweatshirt: Forever 21 (no longer available…sorry!)

Gingham shirt: J. Crew

Jeans: Express

Boots: Matisse via DSW, old (similar)

Bracelet: Anthropologie

Bow earrings: Kate Spade

Peacoat: J. Crew

Who Spiked the Sock Bun?






20121023-213720.jpgI think this was my favorite look of the week. I actually wore it on Tuesday, but I wanted to save the best for last. This outfit was awesome for 3 reasons:

1.  I wore my new spiked necklace I found on clearance at Target for like $7. Score! Like most shopaholics, wearing something new just makes me happy.

2.  I wore my striped peplum jacket, which I got a few months ago and have worn before (see here and here). Even though it’s not new, I got at Zara in Chicago, so wearing it makes me think of how fun that trip was.

3.  I finally rocked a sock bun in true fashionista fashion. Is fashionista fashion redundant? Probably. Anyhoodle, I’ve admired this cute little up-do on some of my favorite bloggers – like Kendi and Kimberly – and I like how it makes a typical bun look more large and in charge. Because that’s obviously what buns have been missing all these years. I made a couple of attempts that failed miserably. In searching for tutorials, I found two different “techniques,” if you can call them that.

One is where you put your sock donut at the end of your ponytail and just magically roll it down into a bun. Apparently it can be done, because that’s what happens in this video, which doesn’t seem to have any special effects. But I tried it and…didn’t happen. According to my trusty hair stylist, it’s probably because my hair has a lot of layers and/or is too straight. Fail.

The other way (and now I can’t remember where I got the link) is to put the sock donut around the base of your ponytail (over the elastic) and just spread the hair out and over the sock, securing it with another elastic and pinning the ends. Well, since my hair is actually pretty long now, the “ends” were several inches long and I couldn’t get them all neatly wrapped around the bun. Double fail.

“But wait,” I said to myself, “why does my sock bun have to look perfect like everyone else’s?” And I responded to myself, “Self, you are so right. You always are.” Then me, myself, and I went on to discuss how we had worn countless perfect ballerina buns in our many years of dance classes and we needn’t try to replicate them now that we’re grown-ups.

So in the end, I went with the second sock bun method, and I pinned random end pieces but didn’t worry about little bits sticking out. That’s me, throwing caution to the wind, as always. But I like it 🙂

Jacket: Zara

Tee: Target

Necklace: Target (I’m also a fan of this gold one and this colorful one)

Pants: Jag Jeans

Shoes: Bakers, old (similar but expensive version here, cheaper version here)

Indian Summer





20121024-195820.jpgDo you love how I look so angelic in that last picture? Totally didn’t even mean for that to happen.

Summer came back for one last fling this week here in Indy. Much like summer, print mixing won’t go away. (I was trying for a clever segway there but I’m not sure it really worked out.) Anyway, I tried a new print mixing combination today! Birds and polka dots. At least I think they’re birds. They could just be non-descript flecks, but it’s kind of like looking for shapes in the clouds. Maybe you see Abe Lincoln or a ballerina, but if you do…you should probably get your eyes checked. Cuz they’re birds.

P.S. Feel free to compliment me on my new necklace, which is super cute. P.P.S. Don’t forget you can follow me on Bloglovin’, which would be super for you.

Necklace: Target

Top: Ann Taylor (similar, but black and peplum)

Pants: LOFT

Shoes: Target, old (similar)

Bracelet: old

Sunday Afternoon Fever





20121022-205712.jpgI feel like my bottom half has been inundated with skinny pants recently, but I do still love a nice pair of flared jeans. As long as I was busting these babies out, I figured why not go for broke with the 70s theme and add a headscarf and this vintage-inspired necklace. Disco dancing not necessary.

By the way, I wore this to my friend Katie’s baby shower on Sunday. In case you’re one of those people who likes babies and stuff, I’ll post some pics this weekend. It actually was a cute theme party, and there was booze. So there’s that.

Scarf: old

Sweater: old (similar)

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger (old, similar)

Shoes: Kenneth Cole (similar)

Necklace: old, but not actually vintage (other cute “vintage” styles here and here)

School Uniform





20121022-204515.jpgThis polo-and-jean-skirt combo made me feel a little bit like I was wearing a school uniform. But since I wore it to school…it’s OK, right? As uniforms go, this wouldn’t be so bad. The shirt is super comfortable, and the skirt has a cute shape. Plus, who doesn’t love a little bow accent? But if I had to wear the same thing everyday – and not to be dramatic or anything – I would probably jump off a cliff. No uniforms was one of many good things about going to public school. And by “many” I mean probably like 3. Ideally, I would have gone to that high school that they went to in Gossip Girl, where they had a uniform, but, from what I gathered, you were A-OK as long as you were wearing at least one square foot of plaid.

Top: J. Crew boys (similar)

Skirt: Kohl’s (0ld)

Belt: Nordstrom (similar)

Bracelets: Forever 21 (here and here)

Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s (old, similar)

Special Guest Star



Well, folks, you saw Kristin’s “debut” a couple weeks ago, but I wouldn’t want that to be your lasting impression of her style. In reality, she’s more of a “jeans and t-shirt” kind of girl, but every once in a while, she really steps up her game on the style front. I like to think I have a lot to do with this 🙂

In the interest of full disclosure, I did have a bit of a hand in this ensemble: the sunglasses and necklace were both gifts from me, and I pretty much forced her to get this skirt (with good reason…it’s adorable). But Kristin did actually come up with this outfit all on her own. I couldn’t be more proud of my girl!

When it came to taking photos of this outfit endeavor, the conversation went something like this:

Kristin: I’m not used to being on this side of the camera.

Me: Just act casual.


Me: Um…Yeah, that looks great. Now try looking like a normal person’s version of casual.




Isn’t she cute?!

Chambray shirt: Target

Skirt: Target

Shoes: Minnetonka (old, similar)

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Necklace: Tiffany

Bracelet: Target