Sister Act

sisteract1 sisteract2 sisteract3 sisteract4 sisteract5 sisteract6

The title of this post isn’t a pun…this is actually the outfit I wore to go see Sister Act the musical. I’m not in the habit of throwing around great reviews if I don’t mean it, but this show was seriously hilarious and entertaining. I would tell you about the bad parts, but there were nun. There was a big mass of people in the audience, and we were all cracking up. I was praying it would go on even longer. I mean Jesus Christ was that a great show!

Like I said…no puns here.

In other news, it’s almost the end of the month, which means the end of the remix challenge! The repeat item of the day is this belt. Check out how I wore it yesterday. Tomorrow I’ll post outfit #28 and a Week 4 roundup. If you’ve joined the remix in the past week, be sure to let me know so I can include your link.

similar Dress (on sale) // similar Cardigan // Belt // similar Clutch // Shoes (on sale) // Necklace // similar Earrings // Lipstick “Schiap”


zebra1 zebra2 zebra3 zebra4 zebra5 zebra6

When fall comes, I get so excited about layering again. I mean I love clothes, so the more I get to wear, the better. But after a few months, the excitement wears off. It’s kind of like marriage (juuuuust kidding, honey).

So to switch things up, I try to make some more creative and unexpected layering choices. One of my favorites is wearing a cardigan as a shirt (fully buttoned) with a layer over it like a vest or jacket. Did I just rock your whole world? If I did, you probably need a hobby, because a button-up cardigan is really not that exciting. Except when it’s zebra print.

Oh, and the repeat item is this vest! I have the Take One, Pass it On challenge to thank for inspiring my layering adventures today. And since I invented the Take One challenge, I guess I can thank myself. Good job, me.

Sunglasses (on sale) // similar Cardigan // similar Vest // Jeans // Belt // similar Spike Bracelet // similar Flower Bracelet // Shoes // Lipstick “No. 16 Pourpre Preview”

And the Oscar Goes to…

oscars1 oscars2 oscars3 oscars4 oscars5 oscars6 oscars7 oscars8

On Sunday I went to an Oscars party. I always watch the Oscars, but I’m pretty sure it was the first time in my life I’ve left my house to do so. It’s kind of like the first Christmas you spend away from home…You’re nervous it won’t be quite the same, but it still turns out to be fun. Because it’s Christmas. I mean the Oscars. Anywho.

My goal with this outfit was to be equal parts “it’s a special occasion” and “I’m going to sit on a couch eating junk food and judging people.” Sounds like a good occasion for the faux leather leggings, doesn’t it? I thought so. And because I’m still doing the Take One remix, I repeated this necklace from the day before.

Speaking of the Oscars, did anyone else notice a glaring lack of necklaces and lipstick on the red carpet? It was all bare sternums and bare lips. If you looked at the pictures above (and 90% of the pictures I’ve ever posted on this blog), you can probably guess how I feel about that. Lame.

similar Sweater // similar Vest // Leggings //  similar Necklace // Sunglasses // similar Shoes // Link Bracelet // similar Coat

These photos were taken at Holliday Park in Indianapolis.

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Inner Child

adultswim1 adultswim2 adultswim3 adultswim4 adultswim5 adultswim6

Can you spot the repeat item today? It’s the tights. Yeah, I know. Kind of a cop-out. But there wasn’t anything else I felt like repeating, and it’s my remix, so I can do whatever I want. Deal with it.

Speaking of the Take One, Pass it On remix challenge, I accidentally left out one blogger who joined the challenge last week. I’m giving Jaime of South on Broadway a special shout-out now in the hopes that she won’t make a voodoo doll out of me. So go visit her (very cute) blog and see what she’s been remixing!

OK, back to me. If you remember the old tagline that used to be under my old header, it said this blog was supposed to feature “real things I wear and do.” Recently I’ve been heavy on the wearing and light on the doing. That’s because I’ve spent most of the past couple months going to school and work, so there’s not much special to share there.

BUT! Over the weekend, I took this cute little outfit to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for a special adults-only night. The Children’s Museum is so cool, but unfortunately it tends to be full of children most of the time. Buzzkill, right? Well, thanks to Adult Swim, I got to drink adult beverages while simultaneously acting like someone who’s not allowed to have adult beverages. Here are a few pictures from the event:


Shameless self-promotion

There I am on the Twitter feed, posting my Vine video! (P.S. If you’re part of the Vine crowd, follow me! My username is SarahsRealLife.)

Me and Kristin on the carousel, margaritas in hand // Hula hooping (I’m pretty awesome at it) // A shot of the lobby full of giddy grownups

Thanks to the Sapphire Theatre Company and the Children’s Museum for a great party!

Sweater (on sale!) // Skirt // Shoes (on sale!) // similar Necklace // Sunglasses

Snow White

whiteskirt1 whiteskirt2 whiteskirt3 whiteskirt4 whiteskirt5

What better day to wear winter white than the day after a winter storm that dropped a good inch of ice. Needless to say, these heels were in my tote bag when I spent 20 minutes chiseling my car out from under all that shit. For that part I wore my ice skates. Or maybe just some boots. You’ll never know. OK, it was boots.

The remixed item today is the turtleneck. See how I wore it yesterday.

similar Turtleneck // Jacket (on sale!) // similar Skirt // similar Shoes

The Red Shoes

redwedges1 redwedges2 redwedges3 redwedges4 redwedges5

I put the red wedges on repeat for a business casual outfit on Thursday. Remixing red shoes is easy peasy because I’m pretty sure red shoes are the answer to everything. Boring work outfit? Red shoes spice it up. Bad day? Red shoes cheer you up. Child poverty? …

Buy some red TOMS and a kid somewhere will get new shoes. (Boom. You didn’t think I would make that last one happen, did you?)

Hope everyone had a great weekend…and HAPPY OSCAR SUNDAY!

similar Turtleneck // similar Jacket // Pants // similar Shoes // similar Silver Cuff

Take One, Pass it On: Week 3

The February remix adventure is already 75% done! Time has flown. Here are the past week’s outfits lined up for your review. Be sure to check out the other bloggers’ links at the end of this post. Thanks to everyone who’s been trying my little experiment, and I hope I keep seeing more of you awesome ladies.

week3a week3b week3c week3d week3e week3f week3g

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If I Was Your Boyfriend

cosby1 cosby2 cosby3 cosby4 cosby5

Happy weekend, everyone! Here’s a little something I put together to wear to class earlier this week. These boyfriend jeans were my repeat item (it’s the end of week 3 of the remix challenge…craziness).

I’m pretty excited about these jeans. Why? Oh good, I’m glad you asked. Well, I’ve always been a fan of the cuffed baggy jean look on girls…in theory. But I was skeptical of trying it myself due to my – shall we say – efficient size. Thanks to the Olsen twins, we’ve all seen what few favors baggy clothes lend to a tiny person, and I’m not rich enough to pull off the homeless look like MK and Ashley.

Anyway, I happened to go in New York & Company the other day and saw they had these jeans called “slim slouch.”  At first I thought that was a ridiculous name, because how can jeans be slim and slouchy at the same time? Well, it turns out…like this. They really are slim and slouchy, and I love them! Super comfortable too. I don’t shop at NY & Co. often, but I might have to start buying more jeans there! My pant-fitting challenge (we all have one, right?) is that my hips are quite a bit wider than my waist, so I always get that big gap in the back of the waist band – handy for storing snacks but otherwise annoying. If you have that problem too, you should try NY & Co. (and let me know if there’s another store I should be trying)!

similar Sweater // similar Belt // Jeans // similar Shoes // Link Bracelet // Spike Bracelet // Sunglasses

Bloops and Bloopers

pattern1 pattern2 pattern3 pattern4 pattern5 pattern6

On Wednesday night I went to an event with some other fashion-minded Indianapolis residents, and I figured what better time to bust out the boyfriend-jeans-with-heels look. It was a good time, and I got several compliments on my sweater, which just confirmed that I made the right choice in remixing this bad boy.

Also, I am really loving this necklace! I’ve been doing a lot of statement jewelry recently (like yesterday, for example), but sometimes I like to go the dainty route too. This necklace is what I like to call a “bloop.” That’s a very technical jeweler term that refers to a short chain with a small pendant. I got this necklace recently at Forever 21 in case you’re interested. I’m having trouble finding it online, but I’ve linked to a similar option below.

On a side note, I’m going to start posting some behind-the-scenes blooper photos (and there are some doozies) on my Facebook page and I’ll need your help creating “captions” for some of them. Next month I’ll do a blooper reel post with some of my favorites. “Like” Sarah’s Real Life here so you can get in on the action!

similar Sweater // Jeans // Shoes // similar Necklace // Rubber Link Bracelet // similar Silver Cuff

Gingham Style

snowleopard1 snowleopard2 snowleopard3 snowleopard4 snowleopard5 snowleopard6

I’ve gotta keep the blurb today pretty short…I’m writing this at the end of a long day and my eyes don’t want to stay open. They actually haven’t wanted to stay open since about three hours after I woke up. Coffee? Why yes, I tried that. Diet Coke? Yep, twice. Sleeping? That sounds like the best cure.

Before I start nodding off, I’ll point out my remix item of the day: these jeans! Since I’m not a jeans-everyday person, and this is my only pair of distressed denim, I decided they were unique enough for me to repeat. Fun fact: I wore tights under these jeans today and yesterday. Exposed skin and sub-zero wind chills don’t mix.

Shirt // similar Sweater // Necklace // similar Jeans // Boots // similar Watch