These Boots Were Made for Yellow






I’m happy to announce yet another successful fulfillment of my fall shopping list: wedge ankle boots. I originally had my eye (both of my eyes, actually) on the new TOMS boots, but I found these very similar ones at Target for less than half the price. Although, when you think about, with TOMS you’re actually buying two pairs of shoes, and you’re helping someone in need. However, I have several big-ish ticket items on the list, so I wanted to save where I could. Don’t worry, I’ll donate some money to charity around Christmas or something 😉

This is what I wore to class on Saturday (it’s been 4 weeks but “class” and “Saturday” still don’t sound like they should go together). The boots were super comfortable and I didn’t feel like I was wearing a heel, which is definitely important when I’m carrying around all the extra weight of books and a laptop. And can we talk about how the color looks so great with mustard yellow? Because it does.

Boots available at Target, also in black

Jeans available at LOFT in various colors

Shirt available at Forever 21

23 thoughts on “These Boots Were Made for Yellow

  1. Cute combination and I always love polka dots! I understand about the boots – I love Toms, but I also have your desire to save when I can too! I’ve been planning to pick up some of those wedge boots for fall also, and since you said the Target ones are comfy, I will most likely get them as well.

  2. That F21 chambray is the BOMB! I had to go check it out when I first saw it on you and I am very impressed with it. Love the outfit, very fall but not dark, very cool.

  3. Hey SHOE TWIN!!! Aren’t they AMAZING?!? And the price is amazing too. Now I need to get some of those jeans. I’ve been dying to get something mustard colored this Fall, and pants seem like a good option. KUDOS to you for such impeccable taste. 🙂

  4. Fun outfit! The bright pants are great, and polka-dotted chambray is cute.
    Hmm, I have classes on Saturdays (not every week, thankfully!) and I agree that it’s strange!

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