5 Ways to Wear a Bubble Necklace

Welcome to another installment of the “How to Wear” series. This time we’re talking about the ever (and perhaps over) popular bubble necklace. I’ll admit this style has become a little overdone in the fashion and style blogosphere. HOWEVER, in my everyday life, I’ve yet to run into anyone else wearing one. Not that I’ve noticed, anyway. This leads me to believe that – at least in Indianapolis – the bubble necklace is not a huge mainstream trend, and people might still have at least a tiny bit of interest in seeing my thoughts on what to wear with one. If you’re sick and tired of seeing these damn necklaces, feel free to leave now (but come back soon…pretty please).

So without further ado, here are 5 ways I have styled my neon green bubble necklace:

1. Make something bold even bolder by putting your statement necklace over a bright print


2. Jazz up a casual top like chambray (this might be my favorite combo)


3. Make the necklace the center of attention by adding it to a monochrome outfit


4. Play with the color wheel and put your necklace against its color opposite (red/green, blue/orange, yellow/violet)


5. Wear it to work with a shift dress and jacket


Find your own bubble necklace in a range of colors and prices!

Time to pick your favorite! And tell me if there’s a way you wore your bubble necklace that I didn’t cover here. See the original posts: 1 / 2 / 3 and 4 / 5

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20120829-164859.jpgI wore this for a nice long day in the library. Last time I wore this dress was for work, and I wasn’t that excited about how I styled it. This time I decided to have a little fun with print mixing so that made me happy (I’m pretty easy to please). Normally a busy print layered on top of another print under a bead-tastic necklace would make my eyes want to take the rest of the day off, but I like this because everything is in the same color scheme. Or am I so overwhelmed with the new school year that I only think I look awesome? Wait, don’t answer that.

Necklace available at Macy’s

Nerd Alert






You might have already guessed this by the fact that I’m in law school (or if you’ve ever met me), but I’m kind of a nerd. My witty comments and cute outfits are just a sneaky way of making you think I’m cool. But just in case you’re still not convinced, I wore my glasses in these pictures.

See it now? Yep. Nerd.

And the nerdiest part is that I actually have good vision. It’s just that sometimes my eyeballs get tired from reading so much and they need a little help.

Sweater available at J. Crew Factory (it’s cotton – super light and comfy)

Shoes are Sperry Top-Sider A/O

Glasses are Jones New York

Knot It





20120824-193350.jpgRecently I’ve seen a couple different versions of a chambray top knotted at the waist and worn with a maxi skirt. It looked really cute and I already had the necessary ingredients, so I wanted to give it a shot. I put the outfit together but at the last minute I decided it was just too covered up for August, so I switched my maxi out for a shorter skirt. And there you have it.

Sorry, were you hoping for a funny story like yesterday? I only have so many jokes. I have to use them sparingly. OK, that’s totally not true. If it were feasible for every sentence I uttered (or typed) to be sarcastic, I would totally do it. But then I would have no friends. And then I would have no one to tell me how cute this outfit is (right? guys? Bueller?)

Top from Madewell

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What Season is It Again?





I swear it was fall a couple days ago, and now it’s 90 degrees. WHERE AM I? Oh, that’s right, I’m in Indiana. Where Mother Nature looks at the calendar and says, “Fuck you, seasons. I’ll do what I want.” (The Midwestern Mother Nature has constant PMS. She’s quite cranky.)

My solution was to be just as big a rule breaker as Miss Weather and combine two entirely different color schemes for two different seasons into one outfit. So there. Black/bronze/leopard for fall and mint/yellow for summer. And that’s how this outfit was born. OR maybe I very strategically planned this outfit so as to seamlessly transition from summer to fall. Nope. It’s the random one.

And by the way, I put my hands on my head all the time when I’m standing outside watching birds. It’s totally natural.

MWOPP: Back-to-School Edition

For this installment of “My Week in Over-Processed Photos,” there’s a special theme…


My school (yay!), A delicious panini after my last class of week one, My study buddy Coco (she’s so helpful), Colorful tools of the trade


The inside of my locker (yes, we get lockers in law school), A healthy breakfast of lemon Greek yogurt and fresh strawberries, S’mores brownie enjoyed with friends my last weekend of summer, Coco telling me it’s time for a break

3 Ways to Wear a Floral Sundress

Welcome to a new series that I like to call “How to Wear.” Actually, I don’t just like to call it that; I do call it that. Now that I’ve been posting my daily outfits consistently for a good chunk of time, I can look back and reminisce about the good ol’ days. You know, like 2 months ago. I’ve never liked repeating an outfit, but I do like wearing my favorite pieces in different ways. So let’s get to the good stuff and check out three ways I’ve styled this floral sundress.

1.  For a casual and functional traipsing-around-on-a-hellishly-hot-day ensemble (sorry, I’m not good at brevity): with a knotted belt, comfy sandals, a cross-body bag, and minimal jewelry


2.  For a night at the theater (said with a British accent because it’s cooler that way): with a statement necklace, wedges, and a summery bag20120824-193834.jpg

3.  For a summer wedding: with sparkles, nude pumps, and a sophisticated clutch

20120824-193911.jpgThere you have it! Which one is your favorite??

For the original posts, see here and here.

Here’s My CV, So Hire Me Maybe?






20120823-183218.jpgI had an interview yesterday for summer job. Yes, that’s right…for next summer. Mark my words: law school is a crazy place, but I love it. It’s an unwritten rule that for a job interview in the legal world, you wear a suit. Period, end of story. And beyond that, I’ve even read advice that to be extra safe, you should wear a black suit, black shoes, and a button-up shirt (and if you’re a guy, a tie of course). I don’t think I need to tell you that I scoffed at this advice. While I agree that a job interview is not the place to make a daring fashion statement, it is place to present your best self and to show your personality. There’s no way I can feel like myself, much less my best self, in an uber-conservative outfit.

I felt totally confident in what I wore to the interview, and if I don’t get the job it’s because the position is very competitive and there are lots of other highly qualified students vying for it. If I got passed up just because I wore red shoes, well…then it’s not the right place for me to work anyway!

Suit is from Ann Taylor

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Black and Blue




20120823-114759.jpgJust a few quick pics of a simple (for me) ensemble I wore earlier this week. I didn’t actually have class this day – because I have the weirdest schedule ever this semester – but there were a couple workshops on campus that I wanted to go to, so I decided it was worth putting on clothes like a grown-up human being.

Oh, and I hope you’re not going to ask me how I tied this scarf, because I have no idea. I rolled it up a couple times, knotted it around my neck, and 6 hours later this is what it looked like.

One-Fifth Sparkle

20120822-181249.jpgHello, friends, and happy hump day. I almost forgot I wanted to show you my back-to-school manicure. (I decided that anything I did within the 2-week period leading up to the first day of class, as well as anything I do during the first week of classes, can be labeled a “back-to-school” activity, making it sound more special and exciting.)

These are two new Essie colors, and since I felt I was a little too old for a full hand of sparkly nails, I was drawn to this more traditional and subdued nail color and decided to limit my sparkle to one finger on each hand.



20120822-181320.jpgOn my ring fingers, I did one coat of “in stitches” and two of the sparkly top coat. So do we think this different-polish-on-one-finger trend is going to last long? I kind of like it!