A Little Bit Boho

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Remember a handful of years ago when “boho chic” was in? I definitely had a couple of embroidered peasant tops in my closet. (I’m sure that fashion phase amused people like my parents who were teenagers in the 60s. Kind of like they’re probably amused by how people magically become hippies when Coachella time rolls around. Speaking of Coachella, you have to watch this video. It’s hilarious.)

What was I talking about? Oh right. “Boho chic.” Well I don’t really miss my leather bracelet days, but with this denim jacket, fringe necklace, and embroidered wedges, I felt just the tiniest [read: acceptable] amount of boho chic. Emphasis on the chic. Deemphasis on the boho.

Jacket // similar Shoes // other similar Shoes (on sale) // similar Necklace

Guest Post: [Laura’s] Real Life

I’m starting off your week with another guest post! Everyone should thank Laura for whipping up this chic look to share with you, because I am rocking the unshowered-law-student-during-finals look right now. Be sure to check out her blog (link below).

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Hi, I’m Laura and I blog at “Laura Wears…”.  Like Sarah, I regularly post photos of my daily outfits, and on occasion I also post gratuitous photos of my dogs {although I do try to mostly keep my over-sharing confined to my personal Facebook}.

Today’s look is on the simpler end of the spectrum.  I wore this particular outfit to work.  There was initially a blazer involved, however it was so nice in the afternoon {hello Spring, thank you for FINALLY making an appearance} I completely forgot to wear the blazer while I was taking these photographs.

Top:  J.Crew  {winter 2012/13}

Pants:  D&G {these plaid  pants have quickly turned into a personal favorite [see them styled differently here and here] and the office joke… I routinely get asked {in good fun!} for my golf tip of the day.  At first this baffled me from a why-don’t-they-know-plaid-pants-aren’t-just-for-the-golf-course way.  But I have since given in, and now I have a variety of witty comebacks…unless you catch me at a bitter moment, then my comeback is less witty and more angry…}

Bracelets:  Thrifted bangles & Club Monaco wrap bracelet

Sunglasses:  Armani Exchange

Purse:  Le Chateau {I bought this ~10 years ago for an undergrad formal – it has held up well!}

Heels:  Sam Edelman ‘Portney’  {my go-to work shoe!  I wish I would have bought these in beige too.  One of the things my wardrobe is currently missing is a great beige pump}

Blog:  http://laurawears.tumblr.com/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/LauraWears

Bloglovin’:  http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/2779407

It’s the Pleats

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Since I have a blog, I’m clearly a reliable source for style tips. I mean, they don’t give a blog to just anyone.

Oh, they do? Damn.

Well since tens upon tens of people flock to this blog daily to see what I’m wearing, I’m going to take that as a sign that people sort of think I know what I’m doing, and therefore I’m qualifying myself to give style tips.

Here’s your style tip of the day: Dresses are awesome. Especially ones that are visually interesting or unique. I mean an “LBD” is nice and all, but you have to strategically add accessories to keep yourself from looking like every other girl in a black dress. But if you had, say, a pleated pastel colorblock dress (just an idea), putting on an “outfit” is pretty easy.

(This particular dress is old, but I’ve linked you to some similar options below.)

similar Dress (on sale) // another similar Dress (on sale) // similar Cardigan (on sale in lots of fun colors!) // Shoes // Bracelet

Pieces & Patterns

oxforddress1 oxforddress2 oxforddress3 oxforddress4 oxforddress5 oxforddress6 oxforddress7

So yesterday I showed you how I layered a shirt over my dress, and while wearing that outfit, I bought this dress, then wore it with a shirt layered under. I’m so versatile it’s mind blowing, right? Right. No? OK. Well I think I’m at least a little bit versatile, and alternatively I’m really good at buying dresses.

 Dress // Shirt (on sale) // similar Shoes // other similar Shoes // Bracelet // Earrings


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Unlike normal people who go to brunch on Sunday, Sarah the lame law student (that’s me) usually stays home and studies all weekend.

But when one of my best college friends says, “hey, I’m leaving for China in a month,” I have to take a break to brunch and shop. And brunch and shop we did. Those red velvet pancakes were way better than the bagel I would have had at home.

As someone who doesn’t have a lot of brunch experience, I didn’t know the dress code, but I figured it was a good time to wear this new dress (which I put on my spring shopping list). It’s too chilly to bare my arms yet, so I wore it as a skirt. When I tried it on, I was really excited about how great it is for twirling. Obviously that’s an important quality in a dress because of all the twirling I do.


See? Twirling. Goes perfectly with brunching.

Dress // similar Shirt // Sunglasses // similar Sandals

Guest Post: [Misty’s] Real Life

Hi! I am Misty and I blog over at Balancing A Hectic World. I am so excited to be guest posting today! Like Sarah, I blog about real world fashion. I am a busy mother and wife with a full time job so my wardrobe has to be practical, yet stylish and of course affordable. I love mixing neutrals with vibrant colors. When you are really busy and in a hurry an easy way to add visual interest to an outfit is with a “pop of color.” Peyton (my super adorable baby boy) had his 18 month checkup the other day. I didn’t want to wear the pencil skirt and heels I had worn to work, so I ran home to change before picking him up at Mom’s house. I didn’t have a lot of time to get ready, but I still wanted to look put together and stylish. Vibrant Pink Pants + Neutral Black Henley + Black Flats = Easy outfit that looks put together and is practical for southing and carrying a screaming child which Peyton most certainly was doing(doctor’s offices always scares him!). I guess it beats the last visit which resulted in me be covered in pee, but hey – A mom does what a mom has to do and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you stop by my blog and join me as we conquer the world in the most stylish way possible 🙂

Destination – Taking my son to the doctor

Inspiration Piece – Vibrant Pink Pants: J Crew

The Extras:   Shirt & Flats – JC Penny

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Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Printed Pants

printedjeans1 printedjeans2 printedjeans3 printedjeans4 printedjeans5 printedjeans6

The day I wore this outfit, Kristin gave me the Manhattan once-over and said, “I like this.”

All these years, and I’ve finally impressed her.

similar Shirt // similar Pants (on sale) // similar Shoe (I want these in yellow!) // similar Belt