Hair Apparent

Don’t worry, it’s still me. I’m just a little blonder and with more layers (in my hair, that is).





20120819-195213.jpgNormally I don’t like super-high wedges because they look and feel clunky and heavy. So imagine my excitement to find these babies  – they cut the clunk right out of them! I get to be 5’7″ (at least) and still walk like a normal upright human being. Still a bold shoe choice, of course, but for $15, a risk I will gladly take!

I wore this to get my herr did, and then on a date to the Melting Pot (celebrating my wife’s promotion). A glass of pinot noir and pots of melted cheese and chocolate? Good times.

Pave bow ring available at Ann Taylor

Wedges from Target

Sunglasses and scarf from Charming Charlie

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9 thoughts on “Hair Apparent

  1. Those wedges are cute but my favorite part of this outfit is that awesome striped dress! I need more red stripes in my life. And your hair looks fantastic 🙂

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