The Beginning of the Middle





20120820-210013.jpgMonday was the first day of classes in my second year of law school. And just like any other first day of school, I was excited to pick out my outfit. I did my back-to-school shopping (even though I haven’t physically grown out of clothes in about 12 years, I feel I emotionally grow out of them, and also I like to shop), so I was ready to wear some of my new clothes!

Because my summer is over, and I’ll be schooling instead of working, you’ll be seeing sort of a shift in my style from business casual to grad school casual. Hopefully you’ll still enjoy reading!

Jeans and tank available at LOFT

Bag is Marc by Marc Jacobs, available at Nordstrom

10 thoughts on “The Beginning of the Middle

  1. I love picking out back to school outfits! I’m a teacher so I know how exciting it is – already working on mine! Great polka dots and picks from LOFT!

  2. Love this! Fabulous. I was one of the few of my law school classmates who put on “real” clothes to go to class. It was shocking to me how many people wore pajama pants. Seriously?

  3. I love those jeans! I’ve been looking into that color but I’ve been hesitant because I wasn’t sure what I’d wear them with. This outfit is great, so thanks for the inspiration! Super cute!

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone. I’ve been busy this week so I haven’t been able to respond personally to everything…but I promise, I’ve been reading everything you post and I appreciate you! And yes, I had a good first day. My brain was tired but in a good way 🙂

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