I am really impressed by people who work from home. Since I only have class three days a week this semester, I’ve been studying and reading at home much more than last year. I am really terrible at staying focused when I’m at home sometimes. I read about two paragraphs, then I check Bloglovin’. Five more paragraphs, check Facebook. Take a few notes, and oh! – I think I need to pet my cat. Yes, she definitely wants me to pet her. I have a point, so let me make it:

On one of my usual work-from-home days, I decided to get my butt dressed and head to the library to get some work done. Not a special occasion, obviously. No special outfit needed. But when I stood in front of my closet, one thing led to another, and suddenly I looked like I was ready to go flamenco dancing. Or sangria drinking. Whatever.

Then I thought maybe I should change into something lower maintenance? But then I would have to start all over and go out of my way to look like I didn’t try too hard. So I would be trying extra hard to look like I wasn’t trying hard, instead of not trying and accidentally looking like I tried. Are you confused? So was I. So I left the house in this. The end.

Top: Ann Taylor (old)

Skirt: LOFT (old, similar)

Shoes: Steve Madden (old, similar)

Nails: Essie Penny Talk

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