Tied With a Bow. Or a Crap Ton of Bows.





I like finding t-shirts with fun details so I can feel like I’m wearing something special even on those jeans-and-a-t-shirt days. I just picked up this top at Ann Taylor…if there are any other bow lovers out there, I highly recommend stopping by good ol’ Ann’s place. She’s got lots of bows for you.

I wore this a couple days ago when I was out running errands to get ready for classes to start (and they start tomorrow…eep!). It rained all day, which is why you’re getting a little glimpse of the inside of my apartment. I’ll go ahead and let you assume that the rest of it is as tidy as the small section you see here.

Top available at Ann Taylor (and full-price tops are currently buy one, get one half off…just thought I’d mention that)

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