One Year Down






I was going to call this entry “Freaky Eyes” because this blue cardigan makes my eyes look extra blue (almost freakishly so), particularly in that third picture. But then I thought: if someone reads a title with the word “freaky” in it, why would they want to look at it? And then they would miss out on seeing this lovely little outfit I wore to work on Monday, and that would be so sad.

Instead, this post is titled “One Year Down” because yesterday my wife and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. The hope is that there will be many more. If you’ve ever wondered who is patient enough to take these lovely photos of me everyday, it’s her (thanks, babe). Obviously, she’s a keeper. Below are a couple of pictures from our wedding if anyone is interested.


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7 thoughts on “One Year Down

  1. Love that you paired red shoes with the light blue cardigan! I don’t think I would have thought of that colour combo, but it looks fabulous and I will definitely be trying that!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary! I LOVE that you went for contrast and wore black and white dresses for your wedding! Gorgeous!

    xo Jenny

    • I spent way too much time picking out these shoes! For some reason I couldn’t decide. I knew I needed to spice things up somehow, but I didn’t know with what. Plus I knew I had to go to the grocery store after work so I didn’t want super-high uncomfortable shoes. Hence the wedges.

      • Wow! All that thinking ahead to go to the grocery store. I should do that more because I am skip the groceries when my feet hurt too much after work.

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