76 Trombones…In the Navy






I thought this jacket was so cool when I got it, and once I tried to actually incorporate it into an outfit, I realized it’s nearly impossible to wear it without looking like I am either in the navy or in a marching band. Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those things, but as I am neither a seaman nor a trumpet player, I sort of feel like I’m wearing a costume.

This predicament has led to my not wearing the jacket very much. But sometimes when I see a neglected piece of clothing in my closet, I just have to force myself to wear it in order to decide if I want to keep it. So today was this lucky little jacket’s day to see the world. I threw caution to the wind, wore my costume out in public (to work, at that) and I actually got a few compliments! Congrats, jacket. You get to stay.

And on another note, I realized that it’s been a while since I wore 4″ heels. I know because my knees told me. They are out of stiletto shape. I’ve been wearing a lot of flats and wedges recently, and apparently that extra inch really makes a difference (ladies, am I right? wait, get your mind out of the gutter…even though I put it there). In fact, I’m so out of shape that while trying to pose for these outfit photos, I stumbled rather dramatically. And when I say dramatically, I mean:



8 thoughts on “76 Trombones…In the Navy

  1. you have wit, style, and grace (well that is when you’re not in the extra high shoes) 🙂 I love your outfits! Do you ever sell any of these items? I am being serious…

    • Those are three things I strive for; thank you :). And no, I don’t sell anything. But whenever I am wearing something I bought recently, I will include information on where to buy it. It just so happens that all these pieces were bought a year or more ago. Except for the earrings, which I bought a couple months ago at Pitaya (if you’re interested).

  2. I am interested in the entire outfit that was the cardigan you wore as a top w/ the black pants (capri-ish) I guess? Wedes that were copper color and a fabulous necklace…. You are adorable!!!!

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