Megan & Liz

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megan and liz american rag tour

One of many cool things about being a blogger: once in a while, people pay me to drive down the street and listen to a couple girls sing in a Macy’s. OK, so that particular gig has only happened once, but still. The point is…on Thursday I went to see Megan and Liz play a few songs for the American Rag Tour.

Can I be honest? I had never heard of them. Judging my the rest of the audience, I’m guessing it’s because I’m a little older than the target demographic. When they were born, I was doing long division. But I must admit, they were pretty darn adorable and fun. If you find guilty pleasure in super pop-py girl music, you can check out some of their songs on their YouTube channel. Their recordings are mostly very “produced,” but having seen them live and acoustic, I’m happy to report they have actual talent. And really nice hair.

As for what I wore to blend in with the juniors crowd, here’s a sneak peek. The outfit post will be up on Tuesday!


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