Bon Voyage!

Today I’m jetsetting (sounds more glamourous than “flying”) to New Jersey to stand with my friend of 23 years while she gets hitched! After what I’m sure will be a great love-filled party, on Sunday I head over to NYC for a few days of vacation. It’s my last hurrah before my last year of law school starts on the 26th! I’m ready to leave my laptop behind and hit the mean streets of New York for some fun.

Now I know what you’re thinking…What about outfit posts?! CALM DOWN. I’ve got you covered. Lately I’ve been wearing outfits faster than I can post them, so I have a couple backed up and I’ve already scheduled them to post starting Monday!

Consider yourself cordially invited to follow me on Instagram (@sarahsreallife) so you can live vicariously through my excursions. And if you have advice on places to see in the city (beyond the usual tourist attractions because I’ve done all of those), let me know!

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