On a Whim






As you know, friends, I am a bit of a planner when it comes to deciding what to wear. Normally I plan my outfits the night before so I have plenty of time and I’m not rushed in the morning. Plus my brain doesn’t function at its full capacity until about 2pm.

I had an outfit planned for this particular day, but I felt crummy in the morning and wasn’t too psyched about wearing the rather snug-fitting pants and heels I had selected. So my options were: wear the uncomfortable pre-planned outfit, or – gasp! – think up something new on the spot!

Maybe the heartburn lowered my inhibitions, but I decided to go for it! I started with this skirt because it’s my go-to piece when I’m not feeling well. The fabric is really stretchy without being tight. I basically can’t feel it. I grabbed this sweater to add some color. Then I realized that I’ve never worn this skirt with a belt. Boom. Done. And the shoes…I wore these because (a) I happened to look at them, and (b) I have feet.

Oh, and may I call your attention to my newest spotted manicure?  If you haven’t already tried this, you can read my tutorial here. For this version, I used a nude color for the base coat, then did spots in a Sally Hansen white and Essie Mint Candy Apple. The only problem is that my nails kind of look like candy so I have to remember not to eat my fingers. I’ve been successful so far.

14 thoughts on “On a Whim

  1. That picture of your polka-dotted fingernails, the matching belt, and the pattern echoed in your skirt is just plain perfect. Those little details really make this outfit fun and put-together, even if it was a random experiment.

    Hope you’re feeling better! 🙂

  2. Hi Sarah, I found your blog through IFB (the article about comment karma), and I have to tell you that I just adore your blog! This first outfit really drew me in, I love the polka dots and the colors and that manicure is just darling! Your “about the blog” page is great – I agree that I love the big bloggers but I also ask myself “on what occasion would someone actually wear that?” Those of us who have real lives and not blogger lifestyles need to stick together and keep it real!

  3. you did a fantastic job of pulling this outfit together at short notice! I love the polka dot nails matching the skirt, and that sweet bow belt- these little details always make an outfit perfect to me. xx

  4. Throughout the day I always have these grand ambitions that I am not only going to visualize what to wear the following day but actually follow through and lay it out/hang it up the night prior. the follow through happens about 50% of the time. The other 50% im forced to wing it, and depending on the level of sleep its pretty much hit or miss. But you seem to have a hit on yours hands with this post! love that the nails match your belt. Details!!!


    Brynn Snow

    • Oh, I pretty much ALWAYS plan my outfit the day before. Once I start putting things together, it’s never less than a 5-minute process, and that time in the morning is precious! I barely make it out of house on time as it is.
      Thanks Brynn!

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