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Unlike normal people who go to brunch on Sunday, Sarah the lame law student (that’s me) usually stays home and studies all weekend.

But when one of my best college friends says, “hey, I’m leaving for China in a month,” I have to take a break to brunch and shop. And brunch and shop we did. Those red velvet pancakes were way better than the bagel I would have had at home.

As someone who doesn’t have a lot of brunch experience, I didn’t know the dress code, but I figured it was a good time to wear this new dress (which I put on my spring shopping list). It’s too chilly to bare my arms yet, so I wore it as a skirt. When I tried it on, I was really excited about how great it is for twirling. Obviously that’s an important quality in a dress because of all the twirling I do.


See? Twirling. Goes perfectly with brunching.

Dress // similar Shirt // Sunglasses // similar Sandals

Chartreuse & Stripes

ruffle1 ruffle2 ruffle3 ruffle4 ruffle5

According to feedback from the survey I posted earlier this week, most of you guys read what I write down here under the pictures. I was hoping I would find out that no one reads this crap so I could stop trying so hard to think of clever things to say. Because some days, even really awesome and hilarious people like me just run out of things to say. So then they have to talk about how they have nothing to say. And then that’s awkward. And then they might as well just move on and tell you where their clothes came from.

Turtleneck: Target

Sweater: The Limited (similar here and here)

Jeans: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Cole Haan (similar)

Bracelets: J. Crew, Stephan & Co.

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“Maybe I’ll Put on Pants Today”






20121020-231859.jpgWe took these pictures right after I got my hair done, which means this is the best my locks will look for the next eight weeks. Go ahead and enjoy it now. My stylist (and friend) reads my blog and she told me it’s inspired her to make an effort to dress better! Apparently to her this means simple things like putting on real pants, but hey…baby steps. (Brandy’s probably reading this right now thinking, “Dammit Sarah…next time I’m giving you blue highlights muahaha!”)

But seriously, I love it when people tell me I inspired them to try something new or to put on pants. It makes me feel very powerful. You are all my minions.

So minions, your tidbit for the day is on wearing flat ankle boots! I’m a fan of this style, but on shorties like me (I’m 5’3″ and proud), they can make legs look stumpy. It takes some experimenting. I read in a magazine recently that jeans should always cover the top of an ankle boot, but I personally think that looks a little funny sometimes. Plus, ankle boots are cute because they’re ankle boots, and how will anyone know they’re ankle boots if you cover the top? Anyway, I like cuffing skinny jeans right above the top of the boot. Just make sure your socks don’t clash because they’ll show when you sit down. If I still look a little stumpy, well…it’s because I am.

Top: Kohl’s (old, similar)

Jeans: Ann Taylor

Belt: Target

Boots: DV by Dolce Vita

On a Whim






As you know, friends, I am a bit of a planner when it comes to deciding what to wear. Normally I plan my outfits the night before so I have plenty of time and I’m not rushed in the morning. Plus my brain doesn’t function at its full capacity until about 2pm.

I had an outfit planned for this particular day, but I felt crummy in the morning and wasn’t too psyched about wearing the rather snug-fitting pants and heels I had selected. So my options were: wear the uncomfortable pre-planned outfit, or – gasp! – think up something new on the spot!

Maybe the heartburn lowered my inhibitions, but I decided to go for it! I started with this skirt because it’s my go-to piece when I’m not feeling well. The fabric is really stretchy without being tight. I basically can’t feel it. I grabbed this sweater to add some color. Then I realized that I’ve never worn this skirt with a belt. Boom. Done. And the shoes…I wore these because (a) I happened to look at them, and (b) I have feet.

Oh, and may I call your attention to my newest spotted manicure?  If you haven’t already tried this, you can read my tutorial here. For this version, I used a nude color for the base coat, then did spots in a Sally Hansen white and Essie Mint Candy Apple. The only problem is that my nails kind of look like candy so I have to remember not to eat my fingers. I’ve been successful so far.