I Wear Your Grandma’s Clothes; I Look Incredible

pinksweater1 pinksweater2 pinksweater3 pinksweater4 pinksweater5

So what did we learn yesterday? We learned that I am really ready for spring. What are we going to learn today? We are going to learn how I entertain myself (clothes-wise, that is) while waiting for spring.

A girl with an overstuffed closet like mine always has some things she doesn’t get around to wearing for a while. So for my entertainment, I’ve been seeking out the winter-only items in my wardrobe that still haven’t stretched their legs (or their sleeves I guess) this season. This sweater is one of those items.

I remember thinking it was the greatest thing ever when I bought it, but I guess my tastes have changed a bit and I just don’t get as excited to wear it as I used to. I wish it were a little longer and looser so I could do that oversized-on-purpose look. Instead it’s very fitted and conservative and grandma-ish. But looking at these photos, I still kind of think it’s cute. Plus who doesn’t like grandmas?

So what do you think: Keep this sweater around for next year, or should this be its last hurrah?

similar Sweater // Skirt // similar Shoes // similar Earrings (only $4.50!) // Bracelet

15 thoughts on “I Wear Your Grandma’s Clothes; I Look Incredible

  1. I’m a fan of Military-style, and this has that look and feel, even if it’s a pink sweater. I say pair it with a pair of skinny jeans, combat boots and a sparkly t-shirt or tank… and a “recruit” hat. KEEP! (for now anyway)

  2. I laughed out loud at the title of this post! I’ve been doing the same thing with my clothes this week… it’s starting to get warm where I live, but I’m trying to get in some wear of all the winter clothes I haven’t worn yet before I pack them away!

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