What to Wear: Week 3 Update

Two weeks in a row! I am on a roll. If you haven’t read the original “What to Wear?” post, see it here. Last week I had the following items on my card:

  • Pencil skirt
  • Watch
  • Silky blouse
  • Coral & blue LOFT scarf
  • Floral dress
  • Bandolino kitten heels (this is the only one I skipped, because I’ve been wearing these shoes a lot recently – like here and here)20120806-210527.jpg

You might notice that my new Anne Klein watch shows up in several of these photos. I might have a mild obsession.

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far! (Mine started out with taking a sick day Monday because my stomach didn’t feel like facing the day…I don’t wish that on anyone else!)

Previous What to Wear Updates:

7 thoughts on “What to Wear: Week 3 Update

  1. I just found your blog by chance, and I’m so happy! I really love your down to earth style and when I read your about me page, I felt like I could have written it myself 😉 very good the episode with the bangels, no arm parties aren’t aproppriate for my daily life either 😉
    And your What to Wear challenge is great, I might start this too! At the moment, I’m trying to sell some of my things, but I might just give them a last chance before throwing them away!

    xxx Anita

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