A Shot, a Shot, a Splash, a Squeeze





OK, I hope you guys are ready because this post is about to get all deep on ya. I’m talking metaphors and shit.

I wore this yesterday to work, and then to a movie. (Side note: the movie was a free preview of Ruby Sparks, which is out today. It was a GREAT movie. I would have paid to see it. In fact, I will probably pay for the DVD when it comes out. I highly recommend.) So anyway, the movie was screening at my favorite movie theater, which has a great bar where you can get drinks to take into the movie (that might be one reason it’s my favorite theater). I went in the bar to get a cosmopolitan, because this place makes the best cosmos.

You might not think that there would be that much difference between cosmos, but it all depends on the quality of the liquor and on the perfect balance of ingredients. A friend once taught me how to make a great cosmo (assuming good ingredients). It goes like this: a shot, a shot, a splash, a squeeze. The shots are vodka and triple sec (or grand marnier), the splash is cranberry juice, and the squeeze is lime, which is also the garnish.

As I was sitting in the theater sipping my cosmo and waiting for the movie to start, I started thinking how this perfectly balanced drink was not unlike my outfit that day, and probably like many other outfits I wear. In a way, the perfect martini is not unlike the perfect outfit. Hear me out. 

Vodka and triple sec are sort of like liquor cabinet staples. They are used to make lots of different drinks for different occasions. Similarly, some pieces of clothing are wardrobe staples and can be styled in lots of different ways. For example: a white shirt and neutral, slim-fitting pants. You see where I’m going with this? My shirt and top are the vodka and triple sec of my ensemble.

But nobody would want to drink a glass of just vodka and triple sec. Gross. You need a splash of color and sweetness. That’s why you need to add a bright shoe. Wait…the shoe doesn’t go in the drink. It goes on your foot. Man, metaphors are hard. Maybe I should hurry up and get to the end.

The squeeze/garnish of lime is that little detail that you might be able to live without, but it’s really the cherry on top. Well, the lime on top, literally. So what’s the garnish on your outfit? Jewelry, of course! It could be gold or silver, dainty or chunky, anything really. Whatever makes you feel like you’re really dressed.

Et voila!


Simple, classic, delicious. Cheers!

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