Arm Get-Together

20120830-183657.jpgSo the other day I was just hangin’ around, doing some outfit photos…


When suddenly…


…I had a new friend! I’m kind of like Sleeping Beauty. I frolic about near a tree, and animal life just appears around me. Now if only I could channel Cinderella and get the animals to make me a dress.

20120830-183750.jpgI got the scoop from a neighbor that this little cutie has been hanging around the area for about a month now. Hopefully she finds a forever home soon (our apartment unfortunately cannot handle the scent of 2 cats). She was SO friendly. But she did try to steal my spotlight. Let’s talk about me some more:



Where did the title of this post come from, you may ask? Well, I know “arm parties” are all the rage these days, but I just don’t like them. #1: Having 10 bracelets clanging around on my wrist would drive me crazy. #2: If you wear every bracelet and watch you own at one time, you lose the fun in picking out your accessories! So instead of an arm party, I’m just having a small, intimate arm get-together. There’s still plenty of fun to be had, but the guest list is a bit shorter. And instead of the keg and solo cups you’d have at an arm party, my wrist will be serving cocktails in real stemware (OK, maybe I just want a drink right now).

Hope your Labor Day is non-laborious!

Bracelets are from Forever 21

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7 thoughts on “Arm Get-Together

  1. Ha! I love your arm soiree! So classy your arm style is. Loving those bracelets and from forever 21, you can’t beat those prices. Also love your fur friend, not to divert attention away from your awesome attire:)

  2. I’m with you about the arm party! I adore the look on other bloggers but having tons of bracelets on just drives me batty. It’s super annoying! I much prefer your arm get-together. Very sophisticated! Also, I love those pants so much! And the cat is adorable of course 🙂

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