Arm Get-Together

20120830-183657.jpgSo the other day I was just hangin’ around, doing some outfit photos…


When suddenly…


…I had a new friend! I’m kind of like Sleeping Beauty. I frolic about near a tree, and animal life just appears around me. Now if only I could channel Cinderella and get the animals to make me a dress.

20120830-183750.jpgI got the scoop from a neighbor that this little cutie has been hanging around the area for about a month now. Hopefully she finds a forever home soon (our apartment unfortunately cannot handle the scent of 2 cats). She was SO friendly. But she did try to steal my spotlight. Let’s talk about me some more:



Where did the title of this post come from, you may ask? Well, I know “arm parties” are all the rage these days, but I just don’t like them. #1: Having 10 bracelets clanging around on my wrist would drive me crazy. #2: If you wear every bracelet and watch you own at one time, you lose the fun in picking out your accessories! So instead of an arm party, I’m just having a small, intimate arm get-together. There’s still plenty of fun to be had, but the guest list is a bit shorter. And instead of the keg and solo cups you’d have at an arm party, my wrist will be serving cocktails in real stemware (OK, maybe I just want a drink right now).

Hope your Labor Day is non-laborious!

Bracelets are from Forever 21

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