Wanted: Guest Bloggers!


Sometimes Sarah’s Real Life (the blog) has to move over and make room for Sarah’s real life (the actual real life). My 2L final exams are coming up soon, and I won’t be able to post outfits as often as I would like.

Rather than leave my blog inactive for days at a time, I’d like to feature guests posts. From whom? Maybe you! A guest post would involve photos of an outfit, a little about you and why what you’re wearing fits your real life. You would need to have this post prepared and ready for me to copy and paste sometime between Monday, April 22, and Wednesday, May 8. (This should be new content, not something you have already posted on your own blog.)

If you think you might be interested, please email me at spharrell[at]gmail[dot]com for more information. Be sure to include a link to your blog. I will choose guest bloggers at my own discretion based on the quality of your blog and how many bloggers I hear from!

6 thoughts on “Wanted: Guest Bloggers!

  1. I’d love to do this but I fear my headless blogger, inside pics might not be up to standard! Good luck choosing your guest bloggers, I’m sure it’ll be tough choosing from lots of great blogs.

  2. Yes, I would be eager to do this as I love your blog, however as I blog about books I do not think I will fit in with your readership. Hmmmm, maybe I could work up a post about what I wear when reading “in real life.” Though this usually involves my pjs and slippers so again probably not of interest to your readers. Oh well, I will just have to trust you will pick fabulous guests to entertain me while you are away.

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