#LookingLucky 4: Pastel

loft pastel sweater, white pencil skirt, sole society pumps loft pastel sweater, white pencil skirt, sole society pumps loft pastel sweater, white pencil skirt, sole society pumps loft pastel sweater, white pencil skirt, sole society pumps loft pastel sweater, white pencil skirt, sole society pumps loft pastel sweater, white pencil skirt, sole society pumps

This pastel-tastic look was actually the first outfit I put together for Looking Lucky, but thanks to a busy day (work, dinner, theater) followed by a lot of rain, it took awhile to get out and take photos of it. Worth the wait I think…I love this outfit!

I’m really digging these shoes. It’s funny though…in February I bought “nude” pumps but I think these pumps are actually closer to my actual skin tone. Next time I fill out a form that asks for my race, I’ll check “other” and write in “dusty rose.”

Sweater (on sale) // similar Skirt // similar Necklace (on sale) // similar Shoes (sorry, in the time it took me to get this post up, the shoes sold out!) // similar Sunglasses (on sale) // Lips “Corail in Touch”

A Paisley Romance

paisley1 paisley target dress, rebecca minkoff inspired bag paisley3 paisley target dress, rebecca minkoff inspired bag paisley target dress, rebecca minkoff inspired bagBLOGLOVIN’ | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | PINTEREST | INSTAGRAM

Target, you did it again. You dangled a $25 dress in front of my face and made me buy it. But come on…it’s paisley. How could I not? It’s so adorable and comfy that I wanted to wear it all day at work and into the evening (hence the change of shoes in hand). I was also thinking it will look really cute in the fall with tall socks and my equestrian style brown boots. My relationship with this dress is clearly getting pretty serious. It was love at first sight and I’m already planning for our future together. Luckily, we have a quirky meet-cute to tell everyone about: “Would you believe it, Ethel?! We met at Target!” (For some reason I imagine having this conversation over tea with an old lady named Ethel, who is also wearing paisley.)

Dress // similar Bag (on sale) // similar Heels // similar Flats (on sale) // Bracelet (on sale) // Necklace

White Out

Ann Taylor white pencil skirt, J Crew Factory striped shirt, Sole Society pink suede pumps Ann Taylor white pencil skirt, J Crew Factory striped shirt, Sole Society pink suede pumps whiteout3 Ann Taylor white pencil skirt, J Crew Factory striped shirt, Sole Society pink suede pumps, Madewell belt whiteout5 Ann Taylor white pencil skirt, J Crew Factory striped shirt, Sole Society pink suede pumps, Madewell beltBLOGLOVIN’ | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | PINTEREST | INSTAGRAM

I don’t know what possessed me to wear a white skirt, white top, and white watch all at the same time. I have a history of being anti-white (you know what I mean). In high school, I was a junior marshal (the top 10 people in the junior class acted as ushers at the seniors’ graduation and were called “junior marshals”). The girls had to wear all white – either a white dress or white shirt and white skirt. I don’t remember why, but I was really pissed about it. I think I just didn’t want “the man” telling me what to wear. It was like living in 1984 (the book, not the year…at least I think so…full disclosure: haven’t read it). Plus, if you tuned in to the blog a couple weeks ago, you know I wore a black dress to my wedding. The wedding man can’t tell me what to wear either!

So apparently the only time I’m OK with wearing all white is when it’s on my own terms. And when it includes stripes, leopard, and pink shoes. Baby steps, OK?

similar Top (under $15) // similar Skirt // similar Belt // similar Shoes // similar Bag (on sale) // similar Watch // similar Bracelet // similar Sunglasses

It’s the Remix…


Oh, just one more thing, I swear. I’m linking up with Real Girl Glam for the White on White Style Challenge!
Real Girl Style Challenge: White on White

Hi. I’m New Here.

newjob1 newjob2 newjob3 newjob4 newjob5 newjob6

This week I started a new internship for the summer! It was a tough choice to leave my old internship because I really liked it there, but this one is more up my alley – like it’s the kind of work I can see myself wanting to do for the long term. If I were a witch and had one of those Time-Turners like Hermione, I would keep working at my old internship every day and then repeat the day at my new internship.

And yes, I realize my nerdiness just reached a whole new level. Not only do I want to work 2 different unpaid jobs just so I can learn stuff, I also dropped a Harry Potter reference on you. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. But don’t inhale.

So this is what I wore for my first day at the new job. I was looking for an outfit that would give everyone a preview of the many fabulous outfits they’ll see on me this summer, but without making too big of a statement before I knew how everyone else dressed. I also avoided talking about Harry Potter or how sometimes I put a sweater on my cat. Gotta feel out the crowd first.

Sunglasses (on sale) // similar Shirt (on sale) // similar Cardigan // similar Skirt // Shoes (on sale) // Bracelet // Lipstick “Plushest Punch”

Neon Lace

neon1 neon2 neon3 neon4 neon5 neon6 neon7

Why yes, I am wearing a neon yellow pencil skirt. And yes, it was an impulse buy that I made at 8:57pm without even trying it on. I’m breaking all my rules, but it was $18! And I will rock this obnoxiously bright $18 skirt like it’s my job. Or rather, I will rock it at my job.

Skirt (sorry it’s not $18 anymore) // similar Jacket (on sale) // similar Shoes // similar Sunglasses (on sale) // similar Necklace

Hot Pink for Work

pinkshoes1 pinkshoes2pinkshoes3 pinkshoes4 pinkshoes5 pinkshoes6

When I talked to my mom on Mother’s Day (trying to maintain my position as the favorite child), the lovely lady who bore me mentioned that she went shopping recently and was overwhelmed by how many bright colors are in stores these days. “I KNOW! YAY!” I responded. Apparently she was less excited.

So in the spirit of real-lifeness (because that’s why we’re all here, right?) I decided to play with a way to incorporate a super bright color into an otherwise classic work look. I think a bold shoe (better yet, two of them) with a simple outfit is like adding an exclamation point to a short sentence instead of a period. So much more exciting.

So Mom…If I’m not mistaken, I convinced you to buy a pair of orange loafers a couple years ago. It’s time to dust them off (literally – there were cobwebs on them last time I checked) and put them to good use. Why? Because I said so…Does that reason work both ways?

similar Pants // similar Shoes (on sale) // similar Shirt (on sale) // Bracelet // Sunglasses // Nail Polish 

Camo…Not That Kind of Camo

camo1 camo2 camo3 camo4 camo5

Since I started this blog (it will be a year at the end of this month – eek!), I’ve gotten even more adventurous with fashion, and I love it. But one thing I’ve never liked and will never like…is camo print. Even when some of my favorite bloggers like Jessica and Rachel wear it, I can’t quite get on board. It’s just not me.

But what I will do is wear a peach belt over a (partly) peach shirt so the belt – gasp! – disappears. Ooooh! Aaaah! Whoa, where’d the belt go? I can’t see it. It’s like it’s camouflaged! That’s my kind of camo.

Shirt // Skirt // similar Belt // similar Shoes

The Red Shoes

redwedges1 redwedges2 redwedges3 redwedges4 redwedges5

I put the red wedges on repeat for a business casual outfit on Thursday. Remixing red shoes is easy peasy because I’m pretty sure red shoes are the answer to everything. Boring work outfit? Red shoes spice it up. Bad day? Red shoes cheer you up. Child poverty? …

Buy some red TOMS and a kid somewhere will get new shoes. (Boom. You didn’t think I would make that last one happen, did you?)

Hope everyone had a great weekend…and HAPPY OSCAR SUNDAY!

similar Turtleneck // similar Jacket // Pants // similar Shoes // similar Silver Cuff

Leopard & Lace

laceshirt1 laceshirt2 laceshirt3 laceshirt4 laceshirt5 laceshirt6

My remixed item of the day is this black lace shirt from Target’s Prabal Gurung collection. In yesterday’s outfit, it was hidden under my jacket, but now you get a better view of she shirt in all its lacy glory! I had been wanting a new black blouse, and this one has such special details. Here’s a little shopping tip I’ve been keeping in mind recently: Never buy boring. Even those “basic” pieces in your closet like a black shirt for work can be interesting and unique. I would rather spend a couple extra bucks on something I will enjoy wearing than save on the first thing I see that fills a “hole” in my wardrobe.

Oh, and remember how last week I accidentally wore a belt that matched my shoes? I did it again. Except this time is was more like accidentally on purpose. I knew I wanted to throw in some leopard (because why not?), and I didn’t know if I wanted to do shoes or belt. So I put them both on, went to the mirror to decide which one I preferred, and ended up liking how they looked together. I’m nothing if not willing to break my own rules!

Shirt: Prabal Gurung for Target

Skirt: Target

Belt: Madewell (similar)

Shoes: Kensie (similar)