My First Week of Autumn in Over-Processed Photos


Fresh (as in fresh from the Target bakery) bread and a bottle of Spanish wine for Emmy-watching last Sunday


I really like this picture. Just some fallen leaves on the street in my neighborhood.


More autumn leaves around my apartment and a beetle that was waiting outside my door for me (I named him George, but he also looks like he could be a Paul)


Another great thing about fall: themed candy


The panel of local photographers at the Pattern meetup from Wednesday (see what I wore here)


And I’ll leave you with this especially adorable picture of Coco. She was totally posing for this one.

MWOPP: Manicure, Greek Fest, and more!


Sparkle tip manicure for this week (no extra tools needed): A couple coats of a deep maroon polish, then swiped clear sparkly polish across the tips. Finish with topcoat.


A kitten trying to play party games; A freaky green pepper that had another baby pepper growing inside; Feet and a cool flower; Bathroom shot of my FNO outfit


Breakfast on my manatee plate; Me and my old college roomie (the whole story’s here if you missed it!); My 2 favorite girls napping together on the couch; Cookie dough truffle

The next few pictures are from Greek Fest yesterday! Greek Fest is like my Thanksgiving: probably the most food I eat in one day all year.


The Greek Orthodox Church in Carmel where the festival is held


I look great in a toga; Sampling Greek wines; One of many tents full of delish food and drink; Flaming cheese and pita bread

Enjoy the last hours of your weekend, everyone!

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Sniff, Swirl, Sip

If there’s one thing I can say about Indianapolis, it’s that there’s no lack of beer and wine festivals here. I have no problem with this. This weekend I went to the annual Indy Wine Opener. I had a pretty good time, although I could have had more if I weren’t still on painkillers and limited to chewing teaspoons of food with my front teeth. Oh well, I’ll just wait 2 months until the next corporate-sponsored alcoholic extravaganza. And the good news is that I got to wear my new striped dress ($20 at TJ Maxx – pretty sweet, huh?!).



I also think this dress will be great in the fall with tights and boots, maybe a chunky sweater. I’m getting really excited…fall is probably my favorite season for dressing. And even better, I can wear this dress during basketball season when I’m cheering on my Hoosiers!