5 Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket


Welcome to another episode of “How to Wear.” I’m your host, Sarah. (I’m practicing for my future in the game show industry. With this economy it’s important to have a backup plan.) I picked leather jackets for this one because they’re such a good in-between-seasons layer. In fact, some of these photos are from way back in the fall! Go ahead and drink in the versatility of a leather jacket, my friends.

No. 1…


There’s something cool about combining a shirt that says “buttoned up” – literally – and a jacket that says “I’m a rebel without a cause.” I’m partial to printed oxford shirts, but I think this would work just as well with a solid.

No. 2…


Another great juxtaposition: girly and rugged at the same time. I wore this last fall so the brown and black seemed appropriate, but I’d like to try it again this season with a more colorful dress.

No. 3…


A leather jacket is one of those classics that will never go out of style, so I like it mixed with other classics: jeans, a striped tee, and tortoiseshell shades.

No. 4…


I don’t know exactly what possessed me to wear a leather jacket with a floor-length flowing skirt and suede heels, but I’m glad I did. If you’re going out in the evening, it can get chilly, so why not try something besides a boring old stole?

No. 5…


Note that I saved this one for last because if I put it first you wouldn’t have read the other four. I’m tricksy that way. But really – the whole point of this post was to remind you that leather jackets (real or otherwise) are just jackets, and you can wear one with pretty much anything and you’ll probably look cooler than you did without it.

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My jacket is from Express’ “Minus the Leather” line. The jackets come in a variety of styles and colors.

Winter What to Wear Update No. 1

As you know, I recently re-started my uber-organized-choose-what-to-wear-with-notecards-system. Maybe I should come up with a more succinct name for this thing? Any ideas?

Normally, one card lasts me a week, but since my dressing habits were a bit altered during exam week(s), I spent more than a week drawing inspiration from my last card. My items were:

The outfits below should look familiar to you . . . I’ve worn all of these in the past couple weeks.

20121218-094629.jpgI did some shopping last month and wore a few new things for the first time. It was nice to have my little card to give me some ideas of old stuff to pair with the newbies. For example, I might have just thrown a cardigan over my new LOFT dress (upper right), but I tried a turtleneck instead, which I think was a lot more unique. And it was nice to bust out the old bubble necklace after giving it a long break. The color looked so nice with the minimalistic black and white sweater.

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What to Wear: Fall/Winter Edition!

Waaaay back in the stone ages (a.k.a. 5+ months ago), I did a post called “What to Wear?” in which I showed you one way I pick out outfits and challenge myself to remix my closet and wear pieces in different ways. I gave you some updates along the way, but I haven’t done that in a while. I recently updated my cards (this will make sense in a minute) for the winter, and I have a lot of new readers now, so I figured this was a good time for a “what to wear” comeback.

In case you don’t want to go back and read the original, here’s a quick review:

I take 4 index cards, one for each week of the month. Then I pick a category (for example: tops, shoes, or jewelry) and on the first line of each card, I write down something in that category. It could be something specific or something more general.


This time around, I picked 6 categories:

  • Shoes
  • Bottoms
  • Sweaters
  • Necklaces
  • Accessories (non-jewelry)
  • Wild card (just any other item I wanted to add)

20121116-162028.jpgSo what’s the point of all this? Glad you asked.

I use a card as a jumping off point each day that week when I’m deciding what to wear. Alternatively, I might already have a basic outfit in mind but I’ll use the card to think of an unexpected piece to add. When I pick my items, I try to pick a combination of old and new, basic and unique. That way, I remember to not neglect my older clothes, and to mix them with newer things.

If you decide to try out my little scheme, just remember that you make the rules! You can be as strict or as flexible with your cards as you like. You could make more than 4 cards if you don’t want to cycle through so fast. You can put more or fewer items on each card.

If you’d like to see past posts on this topic, just see here (original), here (1st update), here (2nd update), and here (3rd update).

I’d love to hear how you guys decide what to wear! Picking outfits is pretty much the most entertaining thing I do on a regular basis, so I have an abnormal amount of fun thinking of ways to challenge myself to mix up my wardrobe and keep wearing something different everyday! (I’ve always been a little weird.)

What to Wear: Week 3 Update

Two weeks in a row! I am on a roll. If you haven’t read the original “What to Wear?” post, see it here. Last week I had the following items on my card:

  • Pencil skirt
  • Watch
  • Silky blouse
  • Coral & blue LOFT scarf
  • Floral dress
  • Bandolino kitten heels (this is the only one I skipped, because I’ve been wearing these shoes a lot recently – like here and here)20120806-210527.jpg

You might notice that my new Anne Klein watch shows up in several of these photos. I might have a mild obsession.

Hope everyone’s having a great week so far! (Mine started out with taking a sick day Monday because my stomach didn’t feel like facing the day…I don’t wish that on anyone else!)

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What to Wear: Week 2 Update

You might have noticed that it has been a long time since my Week 1 Update of What to Wear. No, there has not been some kind of glitch in the space-time continuum. I just haven’t been using my cards every week. But I did last week, hence the update.

Wait, cards? What are you talking about, Sarah? If you are a relatively new reader of Sarah’s Real Life, or you just need a refresher, see this post, where I break down one of the ways I decide what to wear every day. To me, great style is not just about picking out the trendiest new items; it’s about how you put different pieces together. And when you have a ton of clothes and accessories and shoes like I do, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

The items on my card for the week were:

  • Wooden bead necklace
  • Cropped jacket/blazer
  • Patterned cardigan
  • Yellow hair bow
  • Yellow pleated skirt

Check it out! These pics should all look familiar if you’ve been reading the past week…20120730-113554.jpg

My little card definitely came in handy this week! The wooden bead necklace was the perfect thing to add to my tourist ensemble and spice up my plain navy tee. The jacket was something I hadn’t worn in forever and was contemplating tossing, but once I wore it I realized I just had to embrace its costume-like quality and have fun with it! This silky cardigan was perfect over a dress for an evening out in Chicago. The yellow bow – I always forget I bought this little guy! – is a fun addition to any outfit. And I’m glad I challenged myself to fit this yellow skirt into a work-friendly outfit.

So…how do you decide what to wear? Leave me a comment! And if you want to be in the loop for future style adventures, use the links in the main menu (above) to follow me on Bloglovin’ or Twitter!