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Can you spot the repeat item today? It’s the tights. Yeah, I know. Kind of a cop-out. But there wasn’t anything else I felt like repeating, and it’s my remix, so I can do whatever I want. Deal with it.

Speaking of the Take One, Pass it On remix challenge, I accidentally left out one blogger who joined the challenge last week. I’m giving Jaime of South on Broadway a special shout-out now in the hopes that she won’t make a voodoo doll out of me. So go visit her (very cute) blog and see what she’s been remixing!

OK, back to me. If you remember the old tagline that used to be under my old header, it said this blog was supposed to feature “real things I wear and do.” Recently I’ve been heavy on the wearing and light on the doing. That’s because I’ve spent most of the past couple months going to school and work, so there’s not much special to share there.

BUT! Over the weekend, I took this cute little outfit to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for a special adults-only night. The Children’s Museum is so cool, but unfortunately it tends to be full of children most of the time. Buzzkill, right? Well, thanks to Adult Swim, I got to drink adult beverages while simultaneously acting like someone who’s not allowed to have adult beverages. Here are a few pictures from the event:


Shameless self-promotion

There I am on the Twitter feed, posting my Vine video! (P.S. If you’re part of the Vine crowd, follow me! My username is SarahsRealLife.)

Me and Kristin on the carousel, margaritas in hand // Hula hooping (I’m pretty awesome at it) // A shot of the lobby full of giddy grownups

Thanks to the Sapphire Theatre Company and the Children’s Museum for a great party!

Sweater (on sale!) // Skirt // Shoes (on sale!) // similar Necklace // Sunglasses

Peplum + Lace






A casual peplum top was on my wish list (no really – it was official), and I happened to find this at Zara when I was in Chicago last month. What luck! It zips in the front so it can be worn open like I did here, or closed. When it’s zipped up, it shows off the peplum shape more, so that’s on my to-wear list (I don’t have an actual to-wear list, although that’s totally something I would do).

I wore this out to dinner and a comedy show last Friday. I actually wore the same thing to work that day, but with flats and a full-size bag. We’ll just skip the cliche part where I tell how this outfit “goes effortlessly from desk to cocktails” or some crap like that. Let’s just say it’s cute and call it a day, shall we?

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If you’re a style blogger and you’d like to see your face – and your link – on this blog, check out my outfit challenge.

Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday






Happy birthday to me! I turn 27 today. (This is the part where you take to the comments and tell me I don’t look a day over 19.) Having a birthday on Monday is pretty lame, but I wore this yesterday to go out to a bar and celebrate with friends. I forgot to take a single picture of the event, but I swear I really do have friends.

This was just a regular old bar, not some fancy club, so I wanted to be casual but still wear something a little special (it was my party, after all). I just got this skirt from Anthropologie, and with a tee and wedges it was pretty much perfect. Hello…it has castles on it. How can you go wrong? And if you want to do print mixing but don’t feel like finding the prints yourself, this skirt does the work for you.

Skirt available at Anthropologie

Hey bloggers…Don’t forget about the “Everything Old is New Again” challenge! Check out the details on last Friday’s post, and be sure to post your outfit before this Friday.

Taste the Rainbow





Sometimes I don’t understand what people are wearing at the mall. There are those girls strutting around in their strappy heels…whom are you trying to impress? You’ve got a lot of walking to do, and you choose the least comfortable shoes you own? Plus you’re going to spend 5 minutes taking them off and on in every dressing room. Not practical. Oh, and don’t get me started on the ladies who rub their full face of makeup on the last white shirt in my size.

When I have a big shopping day ahead of me, I dress strategically: a top with a wide neck hole that’s easy to take off without messing up my hair, comfy shoes that slip on and off quickly, no jewelry that’s going to catch on fabric, and no messy makeup or lipgloss.

Luckily, these rules apparently still allow me to dress like a bag of Skittles, which is a life goal of mine.

In case you’re wondering, my shopping was quite successful. Mustard yellow jeans, polka dot tank, striped polo, and a mixed-print skirt. Stay tuned…