Denim on (Colored) Denim

denim1 denim2 denim3 denim4 denim5 denim6

Exciting news, friends! I am officially DONE with my second year of law school! The only slight downside is that I only have one year left to wear stuff like this on weekdays. I’ll relish it while I can.

I know I’ve already said it, but I’m so glad I finally got a jean jacket. I’ve already gotten 3 wears out of this guy. I’m still not a fan of doubling up on the blue denim (Texas Tuxedo style), but I’m cool with mixing the jacket with colored denim.  Throw in some polka dots, and it’s the perfect outfit for someone who’s 2/3 of a lawyer and 100% awesome.

similar Shirt (under $10!) // Jacket // similar Jeans // Bracelet // Boots // Lipstick

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Gingham Style

snowleopard1 snowleopard2 snowleopard3 snowleopard4 snowleopard5 snowleopard6

I’ve gotta keep the blurb today pretty short…I’m writing this at the end of a long day and my eyes don’t want to stay open. They actually haven’t wanted to stay open since about three hours after I woke up. Coffee? Why yes, I tried that. Diet Coke? Yep, twice. Sleeping? That sounds like the best cure.

Before I start nodding off, I’ll point out my remix item of the day: these jeans! Since I’m not a jeans-everyday person, and this is my only pair of distressed denim, I decided they were unique enough for me to repeat. Fun fact: I wore tights under these jeans today and yesterday. Exposed skin and sub-zero wind chills don’t mix.

Shirt // similar Sweater // Necklace // similar Jeans // Boots // similar Watch

Blown Away

greenagain1 greenagain2 greenagain3 greenagain4 greenagain5 greenagain6 greenagain7

Here we are in my living room again. Can the background of my photo be my repeat item today? No? OK, well good thing I also wore these green skinny jeans for the second day in a row (along with the coral bracelet, which was sort of an accident). This time I didn’t hide inside because of the cold. In fact, it was in the mid-50s, but there was a storm rolling through and I was worried I might blow away if I went outside. I mean my car almost blew off the road, and my car weighs a few hundred pounds more than I do. Seriously…Midwest weather is the craziest thing ever. To be fully prepared, you should just wear a bikini under a snowsuit, and keep rain boots and sunscreen in your purse.

P.S. I have a couple outfits backed up in the queue, so I’m going to post another outfit later today. So y’all come back now, ya hear, because Day 18 might be even more awesome than Day 17. Or it could be super lame. You’ll just never know unless you check.

Sweater // similar Jeans // similar Boots // similar Pyramid Bracelet // similar Coral Cuff // similar Necklace

No Wallace, Just Grommets

grommet1 grommet2 grommet3 grommet4 grommet5

This is the part where I’m supposed to say something cutesy like: “This is my go-to outfit for running errands!” Maybe I’d follow it up with a “lolz” (what does the Z stand for?!) or an emoticon. But alas, my “go-to outfit” for running errands is usually jeans, boat shoes, and an Indy Law t-shirt. It’s nerd chic, minus the chic part.

Still –  once in a while, I find that taking an extra couple minutes to pick out a real outfit and apply red lipstick makes me more productive. When I look frumpy, I just want to get my stuff done as quickly as possible and then get home. When I wore this outfit, I actually had a pretty good day! After my trip to the post office, I hung out at Starbucks and wrote a cover letter for a summer internship, did some blog maintenance, and answered a few emails. I can do those things at home, but no one makes me a delicious nonfat latte at home, which means that…I can’t really do those things at home. When I’m rich, I will have a Starbucks in my house. Just kidding – we all know I’ll spend all my money on shoes.

By the way, I included that photo of a snowy landscape in an effort to convince myself that the beautiful scene was worth nearly freezing to death taking outfit photos (but it wasn’t).

Shirt: J. Crew Factory, currently out of stock (similar)

Sweatshirt: Forever 21, old (similar)

Jeans: Ann Taylor

Boots: Target

Watch: Anne Klein (similar)

Sunglasses: Kate Spade

So This is Christmas [Break]





20121218-155744.jpgEveryone, I have an announcement: I AM HALFWAY DONE WITH LAW SCHOOL.

That’s right, 3 out of 6 semesters are done! I am feeling pretty good right now. I feel even better thinking about the wonderful month-long break that is now officially underway. I was already in the Christmas spirit (I found gift shopping a good way to clear my head in between studying for exams), but now I am extra jolly!

After turning in my last take-home exam, I freshened myself up (in a Beatles t-shirt I stole from Kristin’s closet – thanks, love) for dinner, drinks, and a movie.

In case you’re wondering, we saw Silver Linings Playbook. Some parts were kind of slow moving, but Bradley Cooper was seriously amazing. Who would have guessed? Overall it was very good. At my theater, an elderly couple walked out less than halfway through. And any movie that offends old people is good in my book.

P.S. This outfit was inspired by this photo I pinned awhile back.

Coat: Victoria’s Secret, old (similar – on sale)

Tee: Junk Food

Cardigan: H&M (similar here and here)

Jeans: Express

Boots: Target

Necklace: Target

Bracelet: Forever 21

Non-Ugly Non-Christmas Sweater







Peeps, I have one. exam. left. I think I will survive but my brain is a little fried right now and my eyes are having an allergic reaction to staring at a computer anymore. So I’ll have to keep this one short (like me). I wore this Wednesday while studying (surprise) and doing some Christmas shopping. Apparently to make up for the lack of accessories recently, I decided to wear the biggest accessory I have. Also, how great is this sweater? That is all.

Sweater: Forever 21

Necklace: via eBay (for more bubble necklace styling ideas, check out this post)

Jeans: Ann Taylor

Boots: Target

Earrings: Kate Spade

Lips: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in “Romantic”






20121031-171514.jpgIt was really windy when we took these photos, so you’re looking at the select few pictures where I don’t have an insane-looking face with hair strewn across it.

Anyway, now that I’ve discovered how much I like layering button-down shirts and sweaters, I’ve found I don’t know what else to wear. I mean I have 6 or 7 button-down shirts and a couple dozen sweaters…there are so many permutations I can do! It’s so fun! But I’ve never been the type to have a go-to outfit or uniform, so I’m going to try to spread out all the options over the next few months. You guys have to keep me honest on this. If you notice me sporting this combo more than twice in a week, you have to call me out. But as long as it’s sporadic, you can go ahead and tell me I look awesome. And…go!

Sweatshirt: Forever 21, old (similar with sequins)

Shirt: J. Crew Factory, not available (similar)

Necklace: J. Crew, old (similar)

Jeans: Ann Taylor

Boots: Target

Blog Takeover


Hello, I’m Sarah’s new coat, and I will be writing today’s blog post. Sarah is busy packing for her trip to Florida (for which she will be leaving me behind, I might add).



I am a Majesty Peacoat from a magical place called J. Crew. As you can see, I am quite photogenic. I am made of beautiful Italian wool, and I have shiny gold buttons. I don’t mean to brag, but Sarah is so lucky she found me. I mean, how good am I making her look right now??

Sarah wore me for the first time on Saturday and already got a compliment thanks to my beauty and class. The only problem is, the compliment was: “cute jacket.”

“Cute jacket”?? Are you kidding me? Even Helen Keller could see that I am so much more than a “cute jacket.” If only I could have spoken, I would have set this girl straight, but since Sarah is much nicer than I, she just said, “Thank you! It’s new.”




Sarah told me I had to tell everyone where to get all the elements of her outfit, although for the life of me I can’t imagine how you could have eyes for anyone except yours truly. But just in case…

Coat: J. Crew

Sweater: J. Crew Factory

Scarf: Charming Charlie (similar)

Jeans: LOFT

Boots: Target