Top to Bottom

studded pumps, black and white boucle jacket, pink jeans, wavy hair, Oasap sunglasses, Clinique chubby stick intense topbottom2 black and white boucle jacket, pink jeans, wavy hair, Oasap sunglasses, Clinique chubby stick intense studded pumps black and white boucle jacket, pink jeans, wavy hair, Oasap sunglasses, Clinique chubby stick intenseBLOGLOVIN’ | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | PINTEREST | INSTAGRAM

It’s incredible but it’s true – I think I’m an even better dresser now than I was when I started blogging a little over a year ago. (Pause for applause. Thank you. You’re too kind.) When you look at pictures of yourself every day, it’s hard not to question the image you’re putting out there. One thing I’ve started to figure out is that some sassy hair and makeup and great shoes can make a big difference sometimes.

Take this outfit for example. Imagine this: No pink lipstick, a plain ponytail, and boring flats. It wouldn’t be the same. I would look like every other frumpy office worker in America in my Target t-shirt, cardigan, and ill-fitting pants.

Wait…maybe I shouldn’t have pointed that out. What I meant was: I took this already fabulous outfit to the next level with blond waves, a statement lip, and studded pumps. Yep, that’s what I was trying to say. BLOGGER SAVE!

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Big Hair, Big Shoes

black and yellow, yellow jeans, wedges, wavy hair big2 black and yellow, yellow jeans, wedges, wavy hair big4 black and yellow, yellow jeans, wedges, wavy hair


I don’t know if you’ve already guessed this about me, but I’m one of those annoying overachievers. A bachelor’s degree wasn’t enough; I had to go to law school. And just doing the required classes in law school wasn’t enough; I had to join a law review too.

But this obnoxious habit doesn’t just apply to school. Apparently I’m an overachieving dresser too. Even when I try to underachieve, I can’t. Like the other day I was getting ready for work and I was feeling really lazy. I put on these yellow jeans and a t-shirt, and I put my un-brushed wet hair in a top knot. I was about to step into a pair of comfy flats, and then I stopped myself.

I don’t want to go to work with wet hair. I’ll dry it. In fact, maybe I’ll even curl it. Just for fun. And maybe this t-shirt is a little too casual for the office. I’ll wear something with a little embellishment. And maybe instead of flats, I’ll wear…the biggest freaking shoes I have. To match the big hair. Wait…What just happened?

And that is the story of how I failed at underachieving.

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Outfits: The Only Things I Can Cook

argyle1 argyle2 argyle3 argyle4 argyle5 argyle6

You know how you can take a recipe and add different creative ingredients to make a whole new dish? (Can you? I don’t really know. My idea of a recipe is the instructions on the back of a mac ‘n’ cheese box. Let’s just say you can.)

Well, I took the ingredients for a preppy outfit (2 cups argyle, 3 cups cardigan, 2 Keds) and threw in a bunch of sassy spices to make it more “me” (10 oz. curly hair, 2 tablespoons retro shades, and a healthy splash of beads).

And there you have it: Argyle & Sass (which would make a really great band name if only I didn’t know as little about playing an instrument as I do about cooking).

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The Bee’s Knees







20121112-180906.jpgI really love the look of socks peeking out above knee-high boots, especially with bare legs and a skirt. But if we’re being practical (and we are for once), there really is a small temperature range where this combo is wearable. Too hot, and you have swamp calves. Too cold, and you get frost bite only on your knees, which I imagine being more awkward than just having straight up frost bite everywhere.

But lucky for me and my lucky knees, this past Saturday had a high in the upper 60s, and I was comfortable wearing this on my field trip to the apple orchard even as the sun went down. Success! And I was having a great hair day. DOUBLE SUCCESS!

Sweater: Target, old (similar)

Skirt: Webster Miami for Target (similar)

Boots: Matisse, old (similar)

Watch: Anne Klein (similar)

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