Bits & Pieces

Happy weekend, folks! I’m really excited because my family is visiting for 3 days and I’m ready to show them a good time. You can follow along with our adventures on Instagram. Because if you don’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a handful of outfits – some recent, some older – that I didn’t get around to posting. What is everyone else up to this weekend?!

Sarah's Real Life style blog

similar Vest

Sarah's Real Life style blog

similar Scarf // similar Skirt (on sale) // similar Shoes

Sarah's Real Life style blog

similar Shirt // similar Skirt

Sarah's Real Life style blog

similar Jacket (on sale) // similar Skirt (on sale) // similar Shoes (on sale)

eBay Find: Vintage Coach Bag

coach1 coach2 coach3 coach4 coach5 coach6

I could not tell you how or why the idea entered my head, but a couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to find a pre-loved Coach crossbody bag. Thanks to good ol’ Electronic Bay Dot Com, I got this one for $45. It’s really pretty easy to find an old Coach bag for cheap on eBay. There are tons of people selling them for reasonable prices, and new ones are always being added. Just be sure to look at the photos and descriptions carefully to avoid getting a bag with more than regular wear and tear. And decide on your budget ahead of time so you don’t get sucked in to the excitement of a bidding war!

Obviously this bag is not in pristine condition, but I like that it looks well loved. It also means the leather is super soft and broken in. Doesn’t it look like a cool, beat-up vintage suitcase? But smaller. A suitcase for a meerkat maybe. Try searching for “vintage meerkat suitcase” on eBay and see what happens. Then report back because I want to know.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the rest of the outfit, I wore this to work yesterday, then took the jacket off to run some errands. Specifically, I bought a new vacuum. I needed it to clean up meerkat fur (OK, house cat fur).

similar Skirt (on sale), or check Target store // similar Shoes (on sale) // similar Jacket // Nails

If at First You Don’t Succeed


Earlier in the week, I went to a speaker who gave a presentation on an area of law I’m interested in, and since there would be lots of attorneys there, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to “dress up” a little and not look so much like a student. But since almost all of my business casual clothes are packed up for the school year, I didn’t have a lot of options at the ready. I did have this skirt, but the temperature called for tights and the rain called for a sturdier shoe. I ended up with the outfit on the left, but then I realized the ruffled tweed, bright purple, winter white, contrasting tights, and studded knee-high boots look was probably not the best way to blend in with a bunch of lawyers.

So instead I ended up with the more casual but still sophisticated outfit on the right. You know how I overthink things sometimes? Yep.




Jacket: Anthropologie, old (similar, splurge)

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger

Boots (outfit 1): Kohl’s, old (similar)

Boots (outfit 2): Bandolino, old