Snow White

whiteskirt1 whiteskirt2 whiteskirt3 whiteskirt4 whiteskirt5

What better day to wear winter white than the day after a winter storm that dropped a good inch of ice. Needless to say, these heels were in my tote bag when I spent 20 minutes chiseling my car out from under all that shit. For that part I wore my ice skates. Or maybe just some boots. You’ll never know. OK, it was boots.

The remixed item today is the turtleneck. See how I wore it yesterday.

similar Turtleneck // Jacket (on sale!) // similar Skirt // similar Shoes

The Red Shoes

redwedges1 redwedges2 redwedges3 redwedges4 redwedges5

I put the red wedges on repeat for a business casual outfit on Thursday. Remixing red shoes is easy peasy because I’m pretty sure red shoes are the answer to everything. Boring work outfit? Red shoes spice it up. Bad day? Red shoes cheer you up. Child poverty? …

Buy some red TOMS and a kid somewhere will get new shoes. (Boom. You didn’t think I would make that last one happen, did you?)

Hope everyone had a great weekend…and HAPPY OSCAR SUNDAY!

similar Turtleneck // similar Jacket // Pants // similar Shoes // similar Silver Cuff

Play Laceball







The Nordstrom fairy brought me some gifts this week, including this baseball jacket and these bracelets! Such a nice little fairy. I actually saw this stuff in-store but I ordered it online so I could get a visit from the fairy. Or because I like to give myself a little time after I see stuff I like to talk it over with my closet. “Closet, do you think you could be friends with a lace jacket and some cool spikey bracelets?” My closet said yes. So here we are.

Seriously though, I thought this jacket was so cool. I like that it’s sporty in structure but completely unsporty in material. Which is appropriate, because I myself might appear to be fit and athletic, yet I have absolutely no skill at any sport.

I have a funny story about my baseball skills, actually. I remember in middle school gym class when we had to play baseball (or wiffle ball, whatever it was) for the first time. I went up to bat and couldn’t hit a ball to save my life. Then the gym teacher asked if I was left-handed. I’m not. He said that was the problem…I was facing the wrong way! So I turned around and hit right-handed.

Made no difference whatsoever.

Lace baseball jacket: MOD.lusive via Nordstrom

Jeans: American Eagle

Loafers: Target, old (similar here and here)

Bracelets: both Stephan & Co. via Nordstrom (same here and here)

You know what lace makes me think of? Vintage. You know what vintage makes me think of? The Gems & Jam Giveaway that you still need to enter. Get on it!

If at First You Don’t Succeed


Earlier in the week, I went to a speaker who gave a presentation on an area of law I’m interested in, and since there would be lots of attorneys there, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to “dress up” a little and not look so much like a student. But since almost all of my business casual clothes are packed up for the school year, I didn’t have a lot of options at the ready. I did have this skirt, but the temperature called for tights and the rain called for a sturdier shoe. I ended up with the outfit on the left, but then I realized the ruffled tweed, bright purple, winter white, contrasting tights, and studded knee-high boots look was probably not the best way to blend in with a bunch of lawyers.

So instead I ended up with the more casual but still sophisticated outfit on the right. You know how I overthink things sometimes? Yep.




Jacket: Anthropologie, old (similar, splurge)

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger

Boots (outfit 1): Kohl’s, old (similar)

Boots (outfit 2): Bandolino, old