Sometimes I’m Trendy

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So I think there’s some unwritten rule among the well-dressed crowd that it’s cool to incorporate trends, but when you wear two or three trends at once, you end up looking too trendy and thus unoriginal. I’m usually not one for fashion rules, but this is one I do agree with. Looking like everyone else is lame.

BUT! I also think there comes a point when you can wear so many trends at once that you go back to being unique. Let’s count the trends in this outfit, shall we? (1) Retro shades, (2) orange lips, (3) black and white, (4) colorblock, (5) floral, (6) spike jewelry, (7) mixed prints, (8) low heels. Did I miss any? I didn’t intend to wear all these trends at once; it just kind of happened. And I’m pretty confident I don’t look like everyone else. So there.

By the way, this sweater feels like a towel. I don’t think towel sweaters are a trend yet but they totally should be.

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