Sniff, Swirl, Sip

If there’s one thing I can say about Indianapolis, it’s that there’s no lack of beer and wine festivals here. I have no problem with this. This weekend I went to the annual Indy Wine Opener. I had a pretty good time, although I could have had more if I weren’t still on painkillers and limited to chewing teaspoons of food with my front teeth. Oh well, I’ll just wait 2 months until the next corporate-sponsored alcoholic extravaganza. And the good news is that I got to wear my new striped dress ($20 at TJ Maxx – pretty sweet, huh?!).



I also think this dress will be great in the fall with tights and boots, maybe a chunky sweater. I’m getting really excited…fall is probably my favorite season for dressing. And even better, I can wear this dress during basketball season when I’m cheering on my Hoosiers!

True Colors





Apparently I’m very into blue and orange recently. Instead of putting the colors side-by-side like last time, I gave them a little distance. After all, since they’re so different, sometimes they argue.

If you ever feel like you’re overdoing it on the tank top & cardigan combo (like I do often), remember you can always wear a cardigan solo just like it’s a regular top.

These Kenneth Cole wedges are a recent find at TJ Maxx, although I couldn’t find them online.