The End of an Era?

tweed1 tweed2 tweed3 tweed4 tweed5 tweed6

I sincerely hope this is the last time you will see me wearing tights for a long time. It finally started to warm up here this weekend and I wore skirts with bare legs. It was glorious. I will miss not having to shave though.

I don’t mean to be knocking on tights. I really do like them. This outfit for example – it wouldn’t look the same without tights. I like the black, green, black, green colorblocking I have going on here. And with bare legs, this skirt might be a little too short for the office. For some reason I feel like when you’re wearing tights, you’re not actually showing leg, just the illusion of leg. Is that just me? Probably. I tend to overthink things.

Plus, there’s something about tweed that reads fall/winter. I guess because it’s thick and sturdy. I would look kind of top-heavy (or top-warm) with two tweeds and nothing on the bottom.

See how I’m convincing myself that tights are great in case I have to wear them again this week? Yeah.

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Nothin’ Like Experimentin’

sweatshirtskirt1 sweatshirtskirt2 sweatshirtskirt3 sweatshirtskirt4 sweatshirtskirt5

I never thought I would be a denim vest kind of person. A denim vest is just one pair of cutoff shorts and a Natty Light away from a Nascar fan. With no due respect, Nascar-unchic is not a look to which I aspire.

But for whatever reason, I decided I wanted to try out a denim vest. When I’m experimenting, I like to go cheap so I don’t waste too much money if I end up abandoning the idea. I got this vest from good ol’ Target for $27.99. If anyone heads to the Big T to scope it out, be warned that this baby runs really small. I got a medium, and I usually wear an XS. I just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone tries on their usual size and thinks they’ve gained 20 pounds overnight. You haven’t. Probably.

I’m happy with my great denim vest experiment so far. I took this outfit about as un-hick as I could and I think it worked. You’ll be seeing more of my little blue friend in the future I suspect.

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Guess My Age

ikatdeux1 ikatdeux2 ikatdeux3 ikatdeux4 ikatdeux5 ikatdeux6

Sometimes when you’re shorter than 5’4″ and younger than 35, it’s easy to look like a small child if you wear things like, say, a flared skirt, tights, and pink shoes.

And sometimes you just don’t give a crap because you’re a grown up and you’ll be a lawyer soon. So there.

Shirt: J. Crew Factory (similar)

Sweater: J. Crew (on sale in other colors)

Skirt: Webster Miama for Target (similar)

Tights: Simply Vera

Shoes: Target (similar)

Bracelet: Madewell (on sale in blue)

P.S. The repeated piece is this purple and white oxford shirt. See yesterday’s post if you missed it!