Mini Home Makeover


Kleenex has excellent timing – I have suspicions that they’re stalking me. You might remember I did a Kleenex-sponsored post back in February, right after I had used up my supply of tissues during a crappy cold. This month I was invited to participate in another campaign, and this one has a theme: styling the perfect space for guests. And wouldn’t you know it…my parents came to town this weekend for graduation, and my bathroom (which is also the guest bathroom; I’m not some kind of millionaire with 2 full bathrooms) was in major need of some sprucing up.

The first step was finally framing and hanging the awesome opera poster Kristin got me for Christmas:


Then I decided to keep the yellow theme going and picked up some new stuff from Target. I had had the same bath mat since we moved in to this apartment, and that was 5 years ago. Yeah. It was gross. My new one is adorable and fluffy! [I couldn’t find this exact one on Target’s website, but there’s another really cute yellow & white one that I love too.]



I’m a pro at wearing mixed prints, but I really have no instincts when it comes to interior design or décor. I usually just buy things that were made to go together. But I decided to get just a little bit daring when picking out my Kleenex boxes. There are a few new designs by Isaac Mizrahi out now, so I went with those. If it’s good enough for Isaac, it’s good enough for me. Black and white go with everything, right?


20140508-164312.jpgThis mini home makeover doesn’t stop at the bathroom, folks (I know, it’s crazy…I should have my own HGTV show). Last week I was at a craft store and decided to buy this cute little chalkboard easel for absolutely no reason. So I created a reason by rearranging the top of a bookcase in the living room. I added another cute Isaac Mizrahi Kleenex tissue box because why not? Hopefully my parents feel very welcome during their visit, and if anyone gets a runny nose, I’M ALL OVER IT!

If you need to stock up on tissues, stop by the Kleenex Style Studio page and take the “quiz” to get a coupon! It only takes a few seconds. The more right answers you get, the better your coupon is (but you can take it multiple times)!

Heads up: I will be receiving compensation from Kleenex in connection with this post. Thanks for supporting the brands that support my dangerous shopping habit.

28 Years Later

Madewell fruit shirt, Target chambray skirt, vintage Coach bag, Kate Spade tortoise sunglasses bday2 Madewell fruit shirt, Kate Spade tortoise shades vintage Coach bag, House of Gemmes bracelet Madewell fruit shirt, Target chambray skirt, vintage Coach bag, Kate Spade tortoise sunglasses

I would like to take this opportunity to wish myself a happy birthday! Feel free to follow suit. There’s not much exciting about turning 28, especially when your birthday falls on a Tuesday. Luckily, a dozen of my wonderful friends celebrated with me on Sunday, which is when I wore this outfit. We started off with an epic champagne brunch, so naturally I wore a shirt with fruit all over it. If there was ever a shirt that said “I came to get my brunch on,” then this is it.

Brunch was followed by shopping, more cocktails, and then a movie. Not everyone’s idea of a fun day, but it’s definitely mine! You have to do what I want because it’s my birthday, dammit. And I came to get my brunch on.

Shirt // Skirt // Bracelet* // vintage Coach bag via eBay // similar Sunglasses

*Bracelet gifted to me by House of Gemmes.

Necessity is the Mother of Chambray

brunch1 brunch2brunch6 brunch4 brunch5

If you pack an overnight bag with plans to sleep at a friend’s house and then go to brunch in the morning, it’s important to remember appropriate undergarments. Because if you pack a thin cotton dress and no bra, you might end up sporting a different look than the one you were going for.

But if you find yourself in a braless situation, your best bet is to beg a friend for a chambray to tie over your top half. Even if it doesn’t quite fit , you might be able to pull off that effortlessly casual, I-meant-to-wear-a-shirt-that’s-too-big-for-me brunching look.

Of course, all of this is totally hypothetical and has nothing to do with what I’m wearing here.

Bracelet* // Shoes // similar Clutch (on sale)

*This bracelet was gifted to me by House of Gemmes. It’s great for small-wristed ladies like myself! Get 25% off your purchase at House of Gemmes by entering the code REALLIFE25 at checkout.

Nothin’ Like Experimentin’

sweatshirtskirt1 sweatshirtskirt2 sweatshirtskirt3 sweatshirtskirt4 sweatshirtskirt5

I never thought I would be a denim vest kind of person. A denim vest is just one pair of cutoff shorts and a Natty Light away from a Nascar fan. With no due respect, Nascar-unchic is not a look to which I aspire.

But for whatever reason, I decided I wanted to try out a denim vest. When I’m experimenting, I like to go cheap so I don’t waste too much money if I end up abandoning the idea. I got this vest from good ol’ Target for $27.99. If anyone heads to the Big T to scope it out, be warned that this baby runs really small. I got a medium, and I usually wear an XS. I just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone tries on their usual size and thinks they’ve gained 20 pounds overnight. You haven’t. Probably.

I’m happy with my great denim vest experiment so far. I took this outfit about as un-hick as I could and I think it worked. You’ll be seeing more of my little blue friend in the future I suspect.

similar Sweater (on sale) // Vest // Skirt (on clearance) // similar Shoes (on sale) // similar Necklace

Beige & Blue

beigeblue1 beigeblue2 beigeblue3 beigeblue4 beigeblue5 beigeblue6

Sarah’s Wardrobe Timeline:

  • September: Sarah gets tired of sweating all the time and looks forward to fall.
  • October-November: Sarah embraces the cool weather and buys fun new clothes for winter.
  • December-January: Sarah copes with freezing temperatures by buying new sweaters and getting creative with layering.
  • February: Sarah starts to lose interest in layering and looks forward to spring.
  • Early March: Sarah starts incorporating fun spring colors and prints into the mix to tide her over until the weather warms up.
  • Late March: Sarah is sick and tired of being cold, has no interest in any of her winter clothes, and starts throwing on any random outfit with little regard for how flattering or interesting it is.

Just to remind you: we are in the late March phase. This is one of those random outfits. I actually thought this outfit was kind of lame when I picked it out (but ignored that feeling due to my late March state of mind), but these photos make me think it wasn’t so bad. What do you think?

By my usual standards, it’s not terribly colorful, but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with neutrals once in awhile. And I do have a cool mix of textures/patterns with the crochet top and polka dot jeans. Plus I was comfortable. So I guess it’s not so bad! But I still don’t want it to be cold anymore. MAKE IT STOP.

similar Top (on sale) // another similar Top (on sale) // similar Cardigan (on sale) // Jeans (also in mint!) // Shoes (on sale) // Lipstick “Orange de Chine”

City of Angles

damask1 damask2 damask3 damask4 damask5

What kind of life did I lead before I realized you could wear different prints together and it could actually look like it was on purpose? The answer is: A sad one.

And speaking of sad, this post is going to be this sweater’s last hurrah. I got it at Target a few years back, and I’ve worn it enough that the fabric is getting a little pilly. Is that a word? You know what I mean.

Anyway, the last couple winters I’ve passed by this sweater in my closet many times because I just wasn’t excited about wearing it anymore. Then a couple days ago I realized it might be fun to pair it with my plaid Madewell shirt. I was right. It was fun. But now the fun is over. This sweater has done everything it can do for me. Farewell, sweet prince. Thanks for the memories.

P.S. I hope you noticed my clever title. “Angles” is not a typo. Get it?

similar Sweater // similar Shirt (under $15!) // Sunglasses // similar Jeans // Shoes // similar Spike Bracelet (under $5!) // Lipstick “Schiap”

Exclamation Point





One time I heard someone say that your outfit is like a sentence and your shoes are the punctuation (if you were the one who said it, please contact me and I will add a footnote with proper attribution). Well, these shoes are an exclamation point. I’ve had these shoes for a couple years and I don’t wear them that often, but once in a while when I feel like giving a simple outfit a funky edge, I bust out these babies.

They make quite a statement…exclamation point!

Necklace is Givenchy, available at Nordstrom

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