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After I got these photos uploaded and I was ready to tell you how I wore this outfit on the first day of summer, I realized that I actually wore this on Thursday…which was the last day of spring. But because (1) I’m lazy and (2) this would in fact have been a perfect first-day-of-summer ensemble, I’m just going with it. I’ve always been ahead of my time. In this case, it was just one day, but still.

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Rainbow Animals & White Jeans

Rainbow animals & white jeans Rainbow animals & white jeans Rainbow animals & white jeans Rainbow animals & white jeans Rainbow animals & white jeans Rainbow animals & white jeans

Yesterday after work we went on a double date downtown. Dinner at Creation Cafe (sangria – check) followed by a walk along the canal (baby ducks – check). Have I mentioned that summer in Indy is the best?

Also, do you see how there’s a little pocket on the front of this shirt? Well for the first hour or so of the evening the pocket was on the back. Picking out my clothes is easy; it’s the putting them on part that I have trouble with sometimes (functioning as an adult – not quite check).

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Comfy Chic

comfychic1 comfychic2 comfychic3 comfychic4 comfychic5 comfychic6

What a great outfit for a Saturday night, right? Yeah. Except I wore this on Tuesday night. OK, here’s what happened…

I wasn’t going anywhere fancy or dressy (a pub then a comedy club), which is why I wanted to change out of the pencil skirt and cardigan I wore to work that day. The temps had climbed to 80 by the late afternoon, so I knew I wanted to wear a skirt. This skirt might look constricting, but it’s actually really soft and stretchy. Bottom: picked.

So then I thought, hmmm…I should wear a top I haven’t worn in a while. But something loose and comfortable. Top: picked.

Finally, I needed to put something on my feet. Since nearly every day of the past 4 months I’ve had to go to either work or school (or both), I thought I’d wear a pair of shoes I wouldn’t wear either of those places. Shoes: picked.

I put all this on, looked at myself in the mirror and thought “Where are you going, Sarah? It’s Tuesday.” But hey, I thought I looked pretty good, and I felt super comfortable, which is what I was going for. The fact that I looked kind of dressed up was just an accident.

Here’s my advice for when you feel overdressed: just strut with confidence like you’ve got somewhere really important to go later, or like you’re visiting from a much more sophisticated city. Everyone will think you’re awesome. Or at the very least you will think you’re awesome, and that’s what counts.

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