Get Away with Print Mixing at Work

workprints1 workprints2 workprints3 workprints4 workprints5 workprints6

I wasn’t satisfied with the lack of wind on my balcony, so I rang the wind chimes myself. I don’t mean to diss Mother Nature, but it sounded just as good when I did it.

So anyway, as everyone knows already, I’m obsessed with print mixing. If you’re one of those people who think everything has to match, you should turn around and run screaming from this blog. Because it’s pure print madness up in herr.

I got this polka dot blouse and this floral skirt around the same time last month, and I liked the idea of wearing them together for work. I was worried it might be too “out there” for the office, so I added the gray sweater. I think the fact that the two prints aren’t right up against each other keeps it subtle enough. Notice I said subtle enough, because we all know my version of subtle dressing is completely divorced from most of the world around me.

Shirt // similar Sweater // Skirt (on sale) // Shoes // Bracelet // Lipstick (“Plushest Punch”)

Good Day for a New Dress

bodycondress1 bodycondress2 bodycondress3 bodycondress4 bodycondress5 bodycondress6 bodycondress7

Two exciting announcements:

(1) I got a new dress.

(2) The first time I wore this new dress, I found out that the epic paper I worked on all year will be getting published in the next volume of the Indiana International & Comparative Law Review.

So basically, any time I have the potential to get good news, I’m going to wear this dress. It has a 100% success rate.

This dress, by the way, is from H&M. If you don’t have a store near you, check out the links below for a couple similar options.

similar Dress // another similar Dress // Sunglasses // similar Blazer // Bag // Bracelet

Colorful stripes…with Leopard!

stripes1 stripes2 stripes3 stripes4 stripes5 stripes6

I love print mixing (as you know), but I think stripes and leopard might be my favorite combo. I would explain to you why, but you have eyes and I don’t want to insult your intelligence. I think the awesomeness is clear from the photos above.

similar Shirt // another similar Shirt // similar Skirt // similar Shoes // Bracelet // similar Scarf // Sunglasses

Knotted Chambray

knotted1 knotted2 knotted3 knotted4 knotted5 knotted6 knotted7

Did you know that a chambray shirt tied at the waist is a sure sign of spring? You’d think the calendar would be enough, but around these parts the date means very little. So you can imagine my excitement when I put on this shirt and it just tied itself, right there in the front.

Have a splendidly springy week!

Shirt // Skirt (on clearance) // similar Shoes // Sunglasses // similar Bracelet

Outfits: The Only Things I Can Cook

argyle1 argyle2 argyle3 argyle4 argyle5 argyle6

You know how you can take a recipe and add different creative ingredients to make a whole new dish? (Can you? I don’t really know. My idea of a recipe is the instructions on the back of a mac ‘n’ cheese box. Let’s just say you can.)

Well, I took the ingredients for a preppy outfit (2 cups argyle, 3 cups cardigan, 2 Keds) and threw in a bunch of sassy spices to make it more “me” (10 oz. curly hair, 2 tablespoons retro shades, and a healthy splash of beads).

And there you have it: Argyle & Sass (which would make a really great band name if only I didn’t know as little about playing an instrument as I do about cooking).

Sunglasses // similar Argyle Sweater (on sale) // similar Cardigan (on sale) // Jeans // similar Necklace // similar Bracelet // Shoes: see this post

Read Between the Lines

workstaples1 workstaples2 workstaples3 workstaples4 workstaples5

For everyone who thinks dressing for work is boring, I would just like to remind you for the zillionth time that clothes come in colors other than black and gray. Exhibit A: see above.

That is all.

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