Spring for a Day

madewell parkline dress, sam edelman leopard booties, forever 21 jean jacket, j crew pearl necklace, yellow crossbody bag, spring style 2014 madewell parkline dress, sam edelman leopard booties, forever 21 jean jacket, j crew pearl necklace, yellow crossbody bag, spring style 2014 madewell parkline dress, sam edelman leopard booties, forever 21 jean jacket, j crew pearl necklace, yellow crossbody bag, spring style 2014 madewell parkline dress, sam edelman leopard booties, forever 21 jean jacket, j crew pearl necklace, yellow crossbody bag, spring style 2014 madewell parkline dress, sam edelman leopard booties, forever 21 jean jacket, j crew pearl necklace, yellow crossbody bag, spring style 2014 madewell parkline dress, sam edelman leopard booties, forever 21 jean jacket, j crew pearl necklace, yellow crossbody bag, spring style 2014BLOGLOVIN’ | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | PINTEREST | INSTAGRAM

You already know I had a great day last Friday (because I got to see Clinton Kelly in action) but did I mention that pretty much every other thing about the day was fabulous? Like for one thing, it actually felt like spring so I could wear this. It was so glorious, I took the whole day off from all things school related just so I could enjoy it to the fullest. Of course now it’s freezing again, and spring break is over, so I’m just going to stay inside with my books today and every once in a while glance at these photos to remember when my life was less tragic.

Dress (on sale in blue) // similar Bag // similar Jacket (on sale) // Boots (on sale) // similar Necklace // Bracelet (on sale)// similar Sunglasses // similar Lips (mine is a Bite custom color, but try Tropical Coral)

Black & White (plus a dash of neon)

bandw1 bandw2 bandw3 bandw4 bandw5 bandw6

I know black and white is supposed to be a big trend these days (I read that on the interwebs), and I tried my best, but I’m simply incapable of not wearing any color. This is probably the closest I’ll ever get. But you have to admit – the belt totally makes the outfit, right? Agreed. You guys totally get me.

similar Top (on sale) // another similar Top (on sale) // Jeans // similar Belt // similar Sandals (on sale) // Sunglasses (on sale) // similar Bracelet // Lipstick “Romantic”

Denim on (Colored) Denim

denim1 denim2 denim3 denim4 denim5 denim6

Exciting news, friends! I am officially DONE with my second year of law school! The only slight downside is that I only have one year left to wear stuff like this on weekdays. I’ll relish it while I can.

I know I’ve already said it, but I’m so glad I finally got a jean jacket. I’ve already gotten 3 wears out of this guy. I’m still not a fan of doubling up on the blue denim (Texas Tuxedo style), but I’m cool with mixing the jacket with colored denim.  Throw in some polka dots, and it’s the perfect outfit for someone who’s 2/3 of a lawyer and 100% awesome.

similar Shirt (under $10!) // Jacket // similar Jeans // Bracelet // Boots // Lipstick

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My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

shades1 shades2 shades3 shades4 shades5 shades6 shades7

I tried on these sunglasses one day last week, and I thought they were fabulous. I just thought maybe they were too fabulous, like I would look ridiculous. So I didn’t get them.

The very next day, I was studying at Starbucks, and this old lady walked in. She had to be at least 75, probably older. She weighed about negative 50 pounds; her handbag was bigger than she was. It was 80 degrees, and she was wearing long black pants, a yellow sweater, a floral silk scarf, and…these sunglasses.

Well, that was it. Obviously I had to go back and get the sunglasses. Yes, a 75-year-old woman is definitely my role model. Why wouldn’t she be…especially considering my idea of a fun Saturday night is watching Downton Abbey with my cat and a big glass of wine.

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P.S. I submitted this post to IFB’s Project #96, which just happened to use the same song reference I did 🙂

Guest Post: [Kaitlin’s] Real Life

Guys, tomorrow is my last exam! So today I bring you the fourth and final guest post (for now, anyway). If you were hoping to see pictures of a frumpy, homely girl, I’m afraid you will be very disappointed. Kaitlin here is drop dead gorgeous and has some awesome style to boot. Go check out her blog for more!

Guestpost1 Guestpost2 guestpost3

Top: Madewell | Necklace: Vintage | Pants: J Crew Collection | Shoes: Gianni Bini

Hey there! My name is Kaitlin, I’m a big fan of Sarah’s Real Life and am thrilled to be guest posting today.

Like Sarah, I believe that an essential aspect of great personal style is the ability to dress in a way that is appropriate and practical for one’s life.  When I  moved from laidback Idaho to the bustling city of Hong Kong, my wardrobe needed a major rehaul.  Outfits that were considered practical for my everyday life in Idaho felt much too casual for this city. Over time, I had to adjust my wardrobe to fit the changes in my lifestyle.

Last month, I wore this look to the Popstraction exhibition opening at the Gagosian Gallery.  This is a look that I keep wanting to repeat because it manages to strike a good middle ground between dressy and casual, making it appropriate for a multitude of situations.  I love being able to take an old favorite, the chambray shirt, and incorporate it into my wardrobe in a way that suits the current demands of my life.

If you’d like to read more about my daily adventures and fashion picks, check out the links below:




Thanks for reading!

Stay Warm, Stay Cool

blazershorts1 blazershorts2 blazershorts3 blazershorts4 blazershorts5 blazershorts6

I used to think wearing long sleeves and shorts was ridiculous. Long sleeves are for cold weather. Shorts are for warm weather. So the only logical reason for wearing them together is if you have some malfunction in your car where it blows cold air from the top vents and hot air from the bottom. Right? No, silly. I finally get it. I don’t know about the rest of you, but my top half tends to get chillier than my bottom half. So shorts keep my legs from sweating when it’s warm out (we hit 80 last week! yay!) but long sleeves keep me from freezing once I get inside an air-conditioned building.

Shorts + long sleeves = springtime comfort. It’s like a whole new world has opened up for me. And speaking of new, are you digging these new Cole Haan shades? Because I totally am. I went looking for classic black sunglasses, so naturally this is what I bought. You can’t tell that well from the photos, but the lenses are tinted blue! I think they look like perfect poolside shades (where I probably will not wear long sleeves but you never know).

Blazer (on sale) // similar Shorts (on sale) // other similar Shorts // similar Shoes // Sunglasses (on sale)

Guess Who Wore Snakeskin? (It’s Not Me.)

snake1 snake2 snake3 snake4 snake5

This story starts out boring and gets really interesting, so stay with me…

I wore this outfit for a day of studying in various spots around town. Can I just say that this maxi skirt is the comfiest thing ever? And can I also say that I don’t know why I waited this long to get a jean jacket? There, I’ve said those things.

Anyway, that evening I was back home and it was a beautiful day. My apartment complex sits near a river, and there’s a walking path through the woods so you can get to this little gazebo overlooking the water. The water is brown, but still…it’s nice. So we walked over there to enjoy the scenery and take photos of my outfit.

As I was striking one of my many fabulous poses where I stare off into the distance, I started to notice something…


Wanna guess what it was?

If you guessed a six-foot snake sleeping in a tree, you were right!

snake7 snake8 snake9

Here’s where you learn something about me you might not expect. I FREAKING LOVE SNAKES. I think they’re so cool. Since we didn’t know what kind of snake this was, we obviously kept a safe distance (found out later it was probably a rat snake, which is non-venemous). But the zoom lens on the camera definitely came in handy to see this guy up close! I think he looks pretty cute, but that’s just me.

Jacket // similar Skirt // similar Bracelet (on sale) // similar Sunglasses // similar Shoes // Snake

Pieces & Patterns

oxforddress1 oxforddress2 oxforddress3 oxforddress4 oxforddress5 oxforddress6 oxforddress7

So yesterday I showed you how I layered a shirt over my dress, and while wearing that outfit, I bought this dress, then wore it with a shirt layered under. I’m so versatile it’s mind blowing, right? Right. No? OK. Well I think I’m at least a little bit versatile, and alternatively I’m really good at buying dresses.

 Dress // Shirt (on sale) // similar Shoes // other similar Shoes // Bracelet // Earrings

Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Printed Pants

printedjeans1 printedjeans2 printedjeans3 printedjeans4 printedjeans5 printedjeans6

The day I wore this outfit, Kristin gave me the Manhattan once-over and said, “I like this.”

All these years, and I’ve finally impressed her.

similar Shirt // similar Pants (on sale) // similar Shoe (I want these in yellow!) // similar Belt

A Little Bit of Nautical in My Life

nautical1 nautical2 nautical3 nautical4 nautical5 nautical6

Sorry about the title. I heard “Mambo No. 5” on the radio right before I uploaded these photos.

So I really like nautical things like navy and white stripes, anchors, and boat shoes, but normally only one at a time. I feel like a phony wearing too much nautical-inspired gear at once considering my boat knowledge is slim.

Starboard. Sail. Ahoy, matey. Iceberg: right ahead!

That’s about the extent of my expertise. As you can see above, I broke my rule recently and wore navy stripes AND navy Sperrys at the same time. But somehow I have a feeling no one’s going to mistake me for a ship captain – except maybe for a Carnival cruise ship captain, because Carnival seems to have pretty low standards these days.

Jacket // similar Shirt // Jeans // similar Belt // Shoes