Jet All the Way

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I know you’re 90% here for my supreme literary wit, but the comments on this post will be short because I’ve been too busy this weekend having a fantastically exhausting time entertaining my family while they’re in town!

I wore this outfit last week to see the Broadway tour of West Side Story which was seriously SO. GOOD. Speaking of Broadway, did anyone else watch the Tonys last night?!

similar Dress // Jacket (on sale) // Shoes // similar Clutch // similar Bracelet // similar Earrings // Lipstick “Plushest Punch”

Vroom Vroom

Indianapolis is a pretty special place to be on the Sunday before Memorial Day. Every year tens of thousands of people come here to see the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. It’s 200 laps totaling 500 miles, taken at speeds well over 150mph.

The drivers come from all over the world to participate in one of the most prestigious events on the IndyCar calendar. And you can’t blame them because the winner gets a pretty sweet cash prize, plus a free jug of milk. This year, Tony Kanaan from Brazil won the race. It was his 12th time in the race but his first win. Good job Tony!

So obviously, you can guess where I was yesterday…


…I was at the Indiana State Museum to see the Eternal James Dean exhibition.

What, you think I want to stand in line for hours, then cram into the bleachers with a bunch of drunk people and watch cars drive around in circles? Puh-lease.

So I decided to go with an equally Hoosier activity, but more classy. In case you were not aware, James Dean hails from Indiana. Incidentally, I learned from the exhibition that James was a big fan of the Indy 500 and car racing. Unfortunately, his passion for driving didn’t turn out too well, but we won’t dwell on that. Instead, how about this fun fact: James had some really random hobbies like conga-drumming and bull fighting.

Also, he was super hot. Honestly, I don’t know why you would want to look at pictures of me right now when you could go watch Rebel Without a Cause instead, but just in case, here’s what I wore. You can also see a couple more photos on Instagram.

jamesdean2 jamesdean4 jamesdean5 jamesdean6

But wait, there’s more…Adorable baby duck alert!


You’re welcome.

Jacket // similar Bag // similar Shoes // similar Shorts (on sale) // similar Sunglasses // Bracelet // Lipstick “Schiap”

Hi. I’m New Here.

newjob1 newjob2 newjob3 newjob4 newjob5 newjob6

This week I started a new internship for the summer! It was a tough choice to leave my old internship because I really liked it there, but this one is more up my alley – like it’s the kind of work I can see myself wanting to do for the long term. If I were a witch and had one of those Time-Turners like Hermione, I would keep working at my old internship every day and then repeat the day at my new internship.

And yes, I realize my nerdiness just reached a whole new level. Not only do I want to work 2 different unpaid jobs just so I can learn stuff, I also dropped a Harry Potter reference on you. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. But don’t inhale.

So this is what I wore for my first day at the new job. I was looking for an outfit that would give everyone a preview of the many fabulous outfits they’ll see on me this summer, but without making too big of a statement before I knew how everyone else dressed. I also avoided talking about Harry Potter or how sometimes I put a sweater on my cat. Gotta feel out the crowd first.

Sunglasses (on sale) // similar Shirt (on sale) // similar Cardigan // similar Skirt // Shoes (on sale) // Bracelet // Lipstick “Plushest Punch”

Spring Wish List: Where I’ll Spend & Where I’ll Save

I find that keeping a list (usually in a note on my iPhone) of things I’d like to add to my closet helps keep me from making impulse buys when I’m out shopping. This season I’m taking it a step further and dividing up my wish list items by the amount I want to spend on them. Good news: even my “big ticket” items are under $100. Here’s to a frugal spring!

Spring Wish list - big ticket items

Dress (Anthropologie) // Jeans (Express)

Spring wish list - medium ticket items
Jacket (Kohl’s) // Skirt (J. Crew Factory)

Spring wish list - small ticket items

Jacket (Kohl’s) // Lipstick (Nordstrom)