Here’s My CV, So Hire Me Maybe?






20120823-183218.jpgI had an interview yesterday for summer job. Yes, that’s right…for next summer. Mark my words: law school is a crazy place, but I love it. It’s an unwritten rule that for a job interview in the legal world, you wear a suit. Period, end of story. And beyond that, I’ve even read advice that to be extra safe, you should wear a black suit, black shoes, and a button-up shirt (and if you’re a guy, a tie of course). I don’t think I need to tell you that I scoffed at this advice. While I agree that a job interview is not the place to make a daring fashion statement, it is place to present your best self and to show your personality. There’s no way I can feel like myself, much less my best self, in an uber-conservative outfit.

I felt totally confident in what I wore to the interview, and if I don’t get the job it’s because the position is very competitive and there are lots of other highly qualified students vying for it. If I got passed up just because I wore red shoes, well…then it’s not the right place for me to work anyway!

Suit is from Ann Taylor

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