Pin to Real Life Outfit #7


Left image source: Kendi Everyday (used with permission)


pinkendi3 pinkendi4 pinkendi5

Here it is, folks: the last in a week’s worth of outfits inspired by my Pinterest favorites.

I pinned this outfit from Kendi way back in January (she lives in Texas, where apparently you can bare your legs in the winter without dying immediately – blows my mind). If you read her post – which you should because she’s almost as hilarious as I am – you’ll find out that Kendi actually copied her outfit from a Madewell mannequin. My friend Alanis thinks it’s pretty ironic that now I’m copying her copied outfit. Don’t you think?

Also – and this is super important – if you were still planning on doing a #PinToRealLife outfit soon, I still want to see it! Over the weekend I’ll do a roundup and include links to everyone who played along. So be sure link back to me in your post, and then send me your link – email me or tag me on Twitter or something.

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Black and Blue




20120823-114759.jpgJust a few quick pics of a simple (for me) ensemble I wore earlier this week. I didn’t actually have class this day – because I have the weirdest schedule ever this semester – but there were a couple workshops on campus that I wanted to go to, so I decided it was worth putting on clothes like a grown-up human being.

Oh, and I hope you’re not going to ask me how I tied this scarf, because I have no idea. I rolled it up a couple times, knotted it around my neck, and 6 hours later this is what it looked like.