Old Favorites

print mixing, floral dress, stripe slingbacks, statement necklace greendress2 print mixing, floral dress, stripe slingbacks, statement necklace greendress4 print mixing, floral dress, stripe slingbacks, statement necklace

On my to-do list this week: cleaning out my closet and ridding it of some stuff I’ve had for a few years and haven’t worn in a while. You’d think getting more clothes would make it easier to find something to wear, but I think it makes it harder. When my closet is stuffed to the brim I just feel overwhelmed. It’s hard to see past the things I no longer wear to see the things I really love. Now I’m not one to get rid of things just because they’re no longer in style, but sometimes my personal style changes to the point that I’m no longer excited to wear certain pieces. And if those pieces are still in good shape, I can take them to a consignment store or thrift store, where someone can give them the appreciation they deserve.

The reason for my little speech: I know a lot of people have trouble letting go of things, so consider this your own personal nudge – courtesy of your friend Sarah.

One thing I’ve had for a few years but I’m not getting rid of is this dress. It’s not really anything special, but I still bust it out it once or twice a summer when I can’t decide what else to wear, and I’m always pleasantly surprised. It seriously feels like wearing a nightgown, which reminds me of sleeping. And sleeping is one of my top 3 favorite things – after eating dessert and watching Parks and Recreation.

similar Dress (on sale) // similar plus size Dress (on sale) // similar Shoes (on sale) // Necklace*

*Necklace gifted to me by Flourish Boutique. 

Sheath Dress & Sandals

luckyb1 luckyb2 luckyb3 luckyb4 luckyb5

Another day, another blue dress. I realized recently I have a lot of blue dresses. But I also realized that I really love the color blue, and I also really love dresses. And there’s nothing wrong with having extras of things you like, right? That’s the point of a baker’s dozen. Thirteen cookies is always better than twelve.

This particular blue dress came into my possession thanks to LuckyB Boutique, an adorable shop here in Indianapolis (in Broad Ripple, for you locals). Now that I have more than a baker’s dozen worth of readers, I’m excited to use my immense popularity to draw attention to local businesses. If you live in the Indy area, be sure to check out LuckyB! I feel like a big ol’ dummy for not knowing about it sooner. And even if you don’t live around here, no worries – they’re online too.

I’m excited to wear this dress with heels and an updo, but because I’m totally impatient with new clothes, I just had to take for a spin at work in a slightly more demure fashion (I wore the cardigan most of the day).

Dress* // similar Cardigan // similar Shoes // similar Necklace // Watch // Lips “Punch Drunk”

*LuckyB Boutique gifted me this dress for my review, but all opinions expressed are my own.