But All the Other Kids Are Doing It…

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I was always under the impression that chambray didn’t fit in the “business casual” category (and by “always,” I mean for the past year or so that chambray has been cool again). But I’ve seen two other people in my office this summer wear chambray, and that’s all I need to convince me I’m allowed to do it too.

Similarly, if I’m in the mood for a snack and then I see a commercial for snack food, I take that as a sign that it’s OK for me to have a snack.

But just because I see all my friends doing something doesn’t mean I’m going to do it too. Like if all my friends decided to do one of those juice cleanses, I would continue eating regular food (snacks! yay!) because I don’t hate myself. Or if they all jumped off a cliff, I wouldn’t do it because – again – I don’t hate myself. Or if they all started listening to that “Cruise” country remix song 24/7…then I would get all new friends because that is literally the most horrible song I have ever heard.

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Floral Blazer and “Bankle” Jeans

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I know you guys have been losing sleep over this, so good news: I purchased 2 more things from my Spring Wish List! Unlike other bloggers who just make wish lists so you’ll  click on their affiliate links for commission, when I share my shopping list, it’s actually my shopping list. (OK, I use affiliate links too, but a girl’s gotta eat. And by “eat” I mean “buy more shoes.”)

Now I can put a virtual check mark next to floral blazer and distressed skinny jeans. To show my excitement about my great achievement, I wore them both together to see a community theater show (Follies – it’s like musical old people porn).

Anyway, these jeans are designer (Joe’s Jeans – amazingly comfy) and normally run around $170, but I found them at Nordstrom Rack for $80. The problem: they were about a million inches too long, and they were more straight leg than skinny.

I took them to my tailor to have them hemmed and tapered, and $16 later, here they are! They sort of have a relaxed boyfriend fit at the top, then turn into skinny ankle jeans at the bottom. What should we call them? Bankles? Anklefriends? I’ll keep working on it…

Have a great week, everyone!

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Hocus Pocus

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Question: What is comfortable enough to wear in the library all day, but cute enough to wear on a nice pizza date afterward? If you answered “a bold printed maxi skirt,” you clearly are reading this blog post. I snagged this skirt for $21 at Nordstrom Rack the other day. I can’t find it online, but scroll down and I’ll link you to a couple similar options.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering whose feet are on the wall behind me, they belong to Kurt Vonnegut, the fabulous satirical American author. I read several of his books when I was a teenager. Little did I know I would end up living in his home town! If you’ve never read any Vonnegut, I recommend Hocus Pocus and Slaughterhouse Five.

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This mural is by the artist Pamela Bliss.

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Outfits: The Only Things I Can Cook

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You know how you can take a recipe and add different creative ingredients to make a whole new dish? (Can you? I don’t really know. My idea of a recipe is the instructions on the back of a mac ‘n’ cheese box. Let’s just say you can.)

Well, I took the ingredients for a preppy outfit (2 cups argyle, 3 cups cardigan, 2 Keds) and threw in a bunch of sassy spices to make it more “me” (10 oz. curly hair, 2 tablespoons retro shades, and a healthy splash of beads).

And there you have it: Argyle & Sass (which would make a really great band name if only I didn’t know as little about playing an instrument as I do about cooking).

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