Pin to Real Life Outfit #5


Left image source: Penny Pincher Fashion (used with permission)

pinppf2 pinppf3 pinppf4 pinppf5

Happy Friday, everyone. Did you all have a good 4th yesterday? Full of eating hotdogs and lighting things on fire? Hopefully those things were just fireworks.

Well, here’s what I wore for yesterday’s festivities. I’m not really into overly patriotic dressing, but I did make at least a small attempt to dress the part for Fourth of July. I pinned this outfit from Kim back in May because I loved the mix of stripes, denim, and a pleated skirt. My only pleated skirt is yellow, but I added red back in with shoes and lipstick. I also added a flower in my hair…because there are a lot of flowers…in…America. So there ya go: red, white, and blue. And yellow and flowers.

I have to give this particular outfit pin some extra props for making me wear my vest buttoned at the top and with a necklace under the collar. At first I was skeptical. I figured the bottom of the vest would flare out too much and make my hips look oddly wide. It happens to the best of us, right ladies? But I was pleasantly surprised that it looked great!

And you know what else is looking great? The newest blogger trying the Pin to Real Life challenge, Talk and Tea Leaves.

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