Outfits: The Only Things I Can Cook

argyle1 argyle2 argyle3 argyle4 argyle5 argyle6

You know how you can take a recipe and add different creative ingredients to make a whole new dish? (Can you? I don’t really know. My idea of a recipe is the instructions on the back of a mac ‘n’ cheese box. Let’s just say you can.)

Well, I took the ingredients for a preppy outfit (2 cups argyle, 3 cups cardigan, 2 Keds) and threw in a bunch of sassy spices to make it more “me” (10 oz. curly hair, 2 tablespoons retro shades, and a healthy splash of beads).

And there you have it: Argyle & Sass (which would make a really great band name if only I didn’t know as little about playing an instrument as I do about cooking).

Sunglasses // similar Argyle Sweater (on sale) // similar Cardigan (on sale) // Jeans // similar Necklace // similar Bracelet // Shoes: see this post

Easy Outfit Transformation

schooltowork1 schooltowork2 schooltowork3 schooltowork4 schooltowork5 schooltowork6

On Thursdays this semester, I’ve been spending the morning in class and the afternoon at my internship. You know what that means: two outfits in one day. I’m livin’ the dream.

Normally I wear two totally different getups, but last week I decided to make things a little easier on myself (even I run out of outfit-making steam sometimes). The nice thing about an oxford shirt and a cotton sweater is that with jeans and flats they’re preppy (the unofficial dress code of law school), and with a black skirt and heels they’re business casual (the official dress code of the Attorney General’s office).

I don’t know how many other tops magically work perfectly with both jeans/flats and skirt/heels, but I’m totally going to find out. It’s probably all of them. Let’s just say it’s all of them and save me the trouble.

similar Shirt // similar Sweater // Jeans // similar Skirt (on sale) // Bracelet // similar Necklace // similar Flats // similar Heels // Sunglasses

All or Nothing






20121018-203003.jpgHappy Friday, friends! In case you didn’t see my announcement on Twitter yesterday, I’m proud to say I was asked to contribute to the style section on Twenty Something Indy! The article just went up yesterday. It’s an updated version of my post on how to wear mixed prints. If you’re a loyal reader of SRL, it’s already stuff you’ve seen (sorry), but in case you want to check it out, you can do so here. But it’s only for 20-somethings in Indianapolis. So if you are under 20 or over 29 or your zip code doesn’t begin with 462, then you are absolutely forbidden to view the website. Fine, go ahead and try it, but when your computer gets sucked into a black hole, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ironically, the day I share my love of multiple prints is the day I wear zero prints. But I’ve had this outfit in my head for a few weeks and wanted to finally wear it. It might not look like anything that special, but I really like the combination of different neutrals, and the fact that I felt like I stepped out of the pages of a J. Crew catalogue.

Majesty Peacoat: J. Crew

Sweater: LOFT (old)

Jeans: The Limited

Shoes: Target (old, similar here and here)

Green Jean


Why am I posing so awkwardly in the first photo? Let’s forget about it and move on…




Stop staring at my crotch, OK?


Despite these somewhat awkward photos, I really like this outfit. I wore it for my Saturday morning class. I realized a couple months ago that I have almost no real green clothing. Mint green, yes. But real green – like the color of trees and stuff – no. I consider myself an equal opportunity color wearer, so I’m not sure how I overlooked poor little old green.

So I made it a goal for the fall to find something green, and since I’m loving colored denim recently, I figured why not green jeans?! Ta da!

Jeans available at The Limited

Polo available at J. Crew (boys’)