No Pants, No Service

leopard1leopard2 leopard3 leopard4aleopard5

Once upon a time, I wore Express Editor pants like it was my job. I probably have 4 or 5 pairs in different colors. I had a couple “work” skirts, but for the most part, my office-wear was built around nice, neutral, professional-looking pants. But in the *cough*six*cough* years since I graduated college, I’ve collected more and more business casual skirts and dresses, and my Editor pants have been neglected.

As you know, I’m always looking out for the feelings of inanimate objects (and rarely for those of actual human beings), so I dusted off the ol’ pantaloons for a day. I added another old office favorite – the black blazer – just for poops. But never one to be boring, I of course had to throw in some leopard and red. Naturally.

Reader poll: Do you usually wear dress pants to work? If not pants, hopefully you wear something else on your bottom half. Otherwise I probably don’t want to know what your job is.

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