Relaxed and Pizazzed





20121126-203508.jpgI ordered this necklace from LOFT recently (on sale – score!) and I knew it would make a great addition to any party dress. However, my list of parties to go to in the immediate future is rather slim (read: nonexistent), and I didn’t want to wait a couple weeks!

So I decided to let my new statement necklace come out and play at school with an otherwise very casual outfit. I’m not sure if I’m dressing up the sweatshirt or dressing down the necklace. It’s one of those questions we may never answer…like “Why did the chicken cross the road?” and “Is global warming real?” Oh wait. To get to the other side, and YES.

Necklace: LOFT (sold out online but similar here and here)

Sweatshirt: Forever 21, sold (similar cardigan here)

Pants: JAG Jeans

Shoes: Target, old (similar)

As Butch as it Gets





20121002-111326.jpgOh my gosh, you guys. I’m only wearing one print. Can you believe it? And I decided to give the bubble necklace a chance at a comeback. In my extensive perusing of Pinterest and various blogs every day, I went from seeing bubble necklaces everywhere to seeing them nowhere. I’m not really sure what the traditional life cycle of a trend is, but this one seemed to mirror a fruit fly’s.

So now that everyone has apparently forgotten about the bubble necklace, you’re happy to see it again, aren’t you? OK, maybe you still think it’s overdone. But you have to admit: these big, cheery, green bubbles elevate this look at least 3 ticks above lumberjack. Right?

Top: Madewell

Necklace: available a million places for cheap, but it all started at J. Crew

Bracelet: Madewell (so darn cute, and fits small wrists like mine)

Jeans: Express

Shoes: Bakers (old, similar here)