Pin to Real Life: Pink and Navy

navy and pink, fringe ankle boots, pinterest inspired outfit

Left image source: Poor Little It Girl (used with permission)

navy and pink, fringe ankle boots, pinterest inspired outfit navy and pink, fringe ankle boots, pinterest inspired outfit navy and pink, fringe ankle boots, pinterest inspired outfit navy and pink, fringe ankle boots, pinterest inspired outfit

I guess I should apologize for my bad attitude yesterday. This neverending winter is just  pretty ridiculous and I’m losing my patience! I’m trying to be just a liiiiiittle more reasonable because there are plenty of things I like about cold-weather dressing. To re-motivate myself, I went to my Real-Life Fall/Winter Style Pinterest board and found some outfits I pinned earlier in the season that I could re-create.

First up: this pink and navy outfit from Cathy. I find myself pinning her outfits on a regular basis because (a) her styling choices are adorable and (b) her outfits are so wearable but still fun. As a bonus, she’s a petite, fair-skinned, blue-eyed blond in her late twenties and I happen to know someone else who fits that description who is amazingly cool.

Oh, and sorry about my stripes – they don’t photograph that well. Try not to have a seizure.

Sweater // similar Skirt (on sale) // similar Boots // similar Necklace // Lips “Punch Drunk”

Pin to Real Life Outfit #4


Left image source: AJ Wears Clothes (used with permission)

pinaj2 pinaj3 pinaj4 pinaj5

Here’s what’s up, people.

Number 1: It’s the 4th of July, so happy ‘Murrica day, y’all! Freedom. Democracy. Obesity. Etcetera.

Number 2: Today I’m showing you an outfit inspired by a look I pinned from the blog AJ Wears Clothes. Meanwhile, yesterday AJ herself joined the Pin to Real Life challenge (you can find her link below). It’s kind of like blog incest, but AJ’s from Arkansas, so it’s all good. Yeah, I went there.

I hope everyone enjoys their (hopefully long) weekend! With all the spare time you have, why not visit some of the other #PinToRealLife bloggers?

similar Jacket // Skirt (on sale) // similar Sandals (on sale)

Pin to Real Life Outfit #3


Left image source: District of Chic (used with permission)

pindc2 pindc3 pindc4 pindc5 pindc6

Hey guys! What do you think of my new house?!

Juuuuust kidding. Still in the good ol’ apartment. But said apartment is quite close to a public park, which is where this old house sits. So I can walk around it and pretend it’s mine. Then I can go back to my place where I don’t have to worry about mowing a lawn. It’s a win-win, really.

Moving on to the good stuff: Here we are at day 3 of the Pin to Real Life challenge! I have E to thank for putting together this awesome mix of white, yellow, mint, and metallic. I pinned her outfit a couple months ago, but at the time I didn’t have a white button-up.

I know, right? Who doesn’t have a white button-up? Well, I didn’t until about a week ago. Then I had everything I needed to recreate this look. I do wish I could have tucked my shirt in like E did, but it just looked lumpy under my pencil skirt. So consider this E: Untucked.

Once again, I’m excited to share some links for other bloggers who are trying the Pin to Real Life challenge! It’s not too late to join in!

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