White Out

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I don’t know what possessed me to wear a white skirt, white top, and white watch all at the same time. I have a history of being anti-white (you know what I mean). In high school, I was a junior marshal (the top 10 people in the junior class acted as ushers at the seniors’ graduation and were called “junior marshals”). The girls had to wear all white – either a white dress or white shirt and white skirt. I don’t remember why, but I was really pissed about it. I think I just didn’t want “the man” telling me what to wear. It was like living in 1984 (the book, not the year…at least I think so…full disclosure: haven’t read it). Plus, if you tuned in to the blog a couple weeks ago, you know I wore a black dress to my wedding. The wedding man can’t tell me what to wear either!

So apparently the only time I’m OK with wearing all white is when it’s on my own terms. And when it includes stripes, leopard, and pink shoes. Baby steps, OK?

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It’s the Remix…


Oh, just one more thing, I swear. I’m linking up with Real Girl Glam for the White on White Style Challenge!
Real Girl Style Challenge: White on White

Hot Pink for Work

pinkshoes1 pinkshoes2pinkshoes3 pinkshoes4 pinkshoes5 pinkshoes6

When I talked to my mom on Mother’s Day (trying to maintain my position as the favorite child), the lovely lady who bore me mentioned that she went shopping recently and was overwhelmed by how many bright colors are in stores these days. “I KNOW! YAY!” I responded. Apparently she was less excited.

So in the spirit of real-lifeness (because that’s why we’re all here, right?) I decided to play with a way to incorporate a super bright color into an otherwise classic work look. I think a bold shoe (better yet, two of them) with a simple outfit is like adding an exclamation point to a short sentence instead of a period. So much more exciting.

So Mom…If I’m not mistaken, I convinced you to buy a pair of orange loafers a couple years ago. It’s time to dust them off (literally – there were cobwebs on them last time I checked) and put them to good use. Why? Because I said so…Does that reason work both ways?

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Read Between the Lines

workstaples1 workstaples2 workstaples3 workstaples4 workstaples5

For everyone who thinks dressing for work is boring, I would just like to remind you for the zillionth time that clothes come in colors other than black and gray. Exhibit A: see above.

That is all.

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Don’t Step on My Pink Suede Shoes

pinkpumps1 pinkpumps2 pinkpumps3 pinkpumps4 pinkpumps5 pinkpumps6

I have two stories for you today: The Pants Story and The Pumps Story.

The Pants Story goes like this: This was the only pair of awesome silver and mint pants at Ann Taylor and they were a billion percent off. They were a size smaller than all the other skirts, pants, and dresses I have from AT, but I decided to go for it and…success! They fit! And I had just had a big plate of nachos, so if they weren’t too small then, they would never be too small.

The Pumps Story goes like this: I didn’t have any hot pink suede pointy toe pumps. So I got some. And now my life is much better because I have hot pink suede pointy toe pumps to wear with my silver and mint pants that aren’t too small even post-nachos.

What? I didn’t say they were good stories.

Sweater [repeat from yesterday!]: (similar)

Pants: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Sole Society (go a half size up – they run snug!)

Bracelet: BCBGeneration

Sunglasses: Madewell

Necklace: Tiffany & Co. (cheap knockoff here)

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