Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Printed Pants

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The day I wore this outfit, Kristin gave me the Manhattan once-over and said, “I like this.”

All these years, and I’ve finally impressed her.

similar Shirt // similar Pants (on sale) // similar Shoe (I want these in yellow!) // similar Belt

6 1/2 Ways to Wear Chambray

It’s been a few weeks since I did a new post for my “How to Wear” series. Let’s remedy that problem, shall we? I’m taking a look back at several ways I’ve styled chambray. It was only a couple months ago that I lived a chambray-less life. It was a sad time. I had this crazy idea that denim belonged on your bottom half only. Oh, how my eyes (and my closet) have been opened.

1.  Knotted with a high-waisted skirt

I like this particular style so much that I wore it twice within a few days! I think tying the ends of the shirt looks kind of fun and playful, and if you put that knot in the right place (on the smallest part of your waist), it gives you more leg length.20120918-161120.jpg

2.  With a statement necklace and printed bottoms

This outfit is obviously from the summer, but the same idea would work just as well in the cooler months. Printed pants are everywhere these days, and they’re just begging for a chambray friend. And of course if bubble necklaces (like this one) aren’t your scene, any big, chunky necklace will do!


3.  With a pencil skirt for upside-down Casual Friday

If you work an office job and you’re allowed to wear jeans on Fridays, why not turn the dress code on its head and wear your “jeans” on top? Here, I still kept it office appropriate with a classy pencil skirt and a belt at the waist.


4.  With sequins for evening

Put a sequin tee or jacket over your chambray shirt like I did below, or maybe you have a sequin skirt or dress. There’s something cool and unexpected (I think) about sequins and chambray. It’s kind of like a tuxedo t-shirt: it says “I want to be formal, but I’m here to party.”


5.  Under a sweater

You want to get a chambray shirt that doesn’t have too much extra room around your arms, because then it will fit nicely under a sweater, cardigan, or sweatshirt as long as the outer layer isn’t too tight. The possibilities here are endless, so go nuts. I’m partial to animal print myself.


6.  With colored denim

I know some people pull it off like it ain’t no thang, but to me, chambray with blue jeans is just too Texas Tuxedo. Non-blue jeans, on the other hand, are perfect! A super casual look, but you don’t look like you’re about to round up cattle, or whatever people do in Texas. I don’t want to know.


6 1/2.  Under a sweater and with colored denim (yeah, I went there)

In case you love all these ways so much that you want to combine them, here…let me help you with that. Now the only challenge is to see if you can wear chambray knotted under a sweater with a statement necklace, pencil skirt and colored denim. And then roll in a pile of sequins.


So, do you have a favorite?? Tell me in the comments!

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